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Results of Ground Penetrating Radar Survey
This slide shows the result of a ground penetrating radar survey transect running across the area of the defensive ditch just outside of the southern wall of the presidio at Los Adaes. Electromagnetic pulses are shot into the ground and a receiver records the reflected pulses. Differences in soil composition will result in different reflection of pulses. The readings suggest a large area of disturbance, which means that this area was dug out and filled in again. It appears that the defensive ditch was dug out and then probably filled in with garbage, just like the excavations of the defensive ditch near the northern wall demonstrated. Dr. Marco Giardino and Dr. Ramona E. Pelletier (Travis) of the John D. Stennis Space Center in Mississippi conducted the ground penetrating radar survey at Los Adaes.
Photo credit: Top photo by Jeff Girard, NSU. Bottom GPR read out generated by Dr. Marco Giardino, John D. Stennis Space Center, Stennis Space Center, Mississippi.