Classroom Projects
Classroom Projects
The classroom activities listed below use content from the Los Adaes website and provide opportunities for students to develop skills in social studies, language arts, art, and math.
  • Create a timeline; include this site and other places you are studying.
  • Build a model of the presidio.
  • Write instructions for reaching Los Adaes from school.
  • Compare and contrast Los Adaes with similar sites in other states; compare houses, food, and artifacts.
  • Create a PowerPoint presentation about the site.
  • Create a travel brochure about Los Adaes.
  • Debate cultural tourism; would more tourists be good or bad for the site and the families who live nearby?
  • Debate laws protecting archaeological sites on state property; discuss group good vs. personal freedom.
  • Decide if Los Adaes State Historic Site is a good school field trip destination; develop ranking criteria; calculate cost of the trip; compare with another State Historic Site; vote to decide which would be a better fieldtrip.
  • Propose a service learning activity relating to protecting and preserving Los Adaes.
  • Draw a picture of life at the site in its heyday.
  • Create a billboard or advertisement for Los Adaes State Historic Site.
  • Write a fictional story about interaction between two people of different cultures who met at Los Adaes.
  • Imagine that you are a soldier from Mexico living at Los Adaes in 1730. Write a letter to your mother about life on the frontier.