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Four Pounder Cannonball
Iron cannonball measuring 7.1 centimeters, or 2.80 inches, and weighing 1.407 kiligrams, or 3.1 pounds. The documents for Los Adaes indicate that the cannons shot four pound cannon balls. Cannon balls of both lead and iron are reported for Los Adaes. The documents also list a delivery of 1,200 iron cannonballs in 1766. The cannons at Los Adaes were never fired at an enemy. The documents say that a cannon was fired to salute visitors and as part of celebrations, so firing a cannon at Los Adaes was either for practice or for celebration. Object conservation by Jay C. Blaine.
Photo credit: Don Sepulvado
Source: Williamson Museum, Northwestern State University, Natchitoches, Louisiana