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Red-Filmed Natchitoches Engraved Bowl
Mended bowl recovered from excavations of the fosa or ditch north of the palisade. Pottery with decorations on it was not common at Los Adaes. Almost 90% of the pottery fragments, or sherds, recovered at Los Adaes are plain surfaced. Of the roughly 10% decorated sherds, less than 0.5% are red-filmed. This pot was therefore an uncommon pot, and it may have been a gift to the governor‚ a gift which was unfortunately broken, and thrown into the defensive ditch near his house. Diameter is 15.24 centimeters, or 6.0 inches; height is 8.4 centimeters, or 3.3 inches.
Photo credit: Don Sepulvado
Source: Williamson Museum, Northwestern State University, Natchitoches, Louisiana