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Religous artifacts
Left: The crucifix is made of a copper alloy or cupreous material, and has a broken attachment loop. The crucifix has experienced much wear and the image of Jesus on the cross is just barely visible. The length of the crucifix is 3.2 cm and the width is 1.6 cm.

Middle: St. John of Matha Religious Medallion. Religious medallion depicted Jesus of Nazareth on the obverse side, and St. John of Matha on the reverse side. Found at the base of Feature 1, a large cook pit located within a probable jacal type structure located south of the southeastern bastion. A cupreous wick trimmer, egg shell fragments, and glass beads were found close to the religious medallion at the bottom of the pit, suggesting possible evidence of curanderĂ­a, or folk healing. The length of the medal in the center is 4.88 cm and the width is 3.22 cm.

Right: Cupreous religious medallion depicting the Holy Family, with Mary and the Baby Jesus on the obverse side, and Joseph on the reverse side. The loop attachment on this medallion was broken, and a hole was pierced just below the broken attachment so that the medallion could still be worn. The length is 2.64 cm, and the width is 1.57 cm.

Object conservation by Jay C. Blaine.
Photo credit: Don Sepulvado
Source: Williamson Museum, Northwestern State University, Natchitoches, Louisiana