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FEMA Section 106 Notices for Louisiana
Comments on "Public Notice Regarding Section 106 Review of Orleans Parish School Board (OPSB) and the Louisiana Dept. of Education, through its Recovery School District (RSD) implementation of the School facilities Master Plan in Orleans Parish–Seeking Public Comment"
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Date of Comment Comment Name
City, State
12/16/2008 PRC reiterated the comments made on previous posts to this forum made by Wayne Troyer and Francine Stock. Our utmost concern is that neighborhoods and other interested parties are engaged in every step of the planning process and that differing alter...     read more Preservation Resource Center
New Orleans Louisiana 
12/16/2008 There is no need to demolish Weatley it did not flood and is one of neworlease best raised structure. PLEASE RETHINK THIS DEMO PROCESS and save something that onced looked to the future, adam shur
12/16/2008 The School Facilities Master Plan for Orleans Parish more regularly calls for the demolition of existing schools to be replaced with new facilities over renovation. The cost to our historic urban fabric is difficult to measure, as the plan calls for ...     read more Francine Stock
New Orleans, LA 
12/16/2008 Following is a copy of my 9/30/08 letter to the RSD:

These comments refer to the status of well designed buildings for which the school system apparently has no use. It is difficult for me to understand the criteria by which you are deciding...     read more
John P. Klingman
New Orleans, LA 
12/16/2008 It is important that the city retain a portion of its modern architecture. The beautiful structure of Wheatley Elementary School should not be removed but, instead be restored to the landmark it has been for decades in the neighborhood. The school is...     read more APH Jordan
New Orleans, Louisiana 
12/16/2008 OPSB's recent adoption of Resolution 46-08, the School Facility Master Plan for Orleans Parish, will have a detrimental impact on New Orleans neighborhoods and communities, and effectively eradicate historically significant public schools from the ur...     read more Keli Rylance
New Orleans, LA 
12/16/2008 Demolishing this school would be a tragic mistake. Wandering through new orleans, this was one of the few structures that made me do a double take and catch my breath, and say,"Wow. what is that? it is amazing!" not only is it beautiful, it offers...     read more luke p.
berkeley, ca 
12/16/2008 The demolition of Phillis Wheatley Elementary School would be a major loss for the City of New Orleans. This structure is an important neighborhood landmark and a nationally-recognized example of fine mid-century modern architecture. The retention ...     read more Carey Clouse
New Orleans, LA 
12/12/2008 1. Landbanking as concerns responsible city planning:

There are over 56 sites within the plan currently proposed for demolishment and/or landbanking in New Orleans. Many of these sites currently exist in what are already heavily blighted ...     read more
wayne troyer
New Orleans, louisiana 

Phillis Wheatley Elementary School, 1955
2300 Dumaine Street, New Orleans, Louisiana
Charles R. Colbert, architect
Progressive Architecture citation

Thomy Lafon Elementary School, 1954
2601 Seventh Street, New Orlea...     read more
Francine Stock
New Orleans, LA