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FEMA Section 106 Notices for Louisiana
Comments on "Public Notice Regarding Section 106 and NEPA Review of the City of New Orleans’ Proposal to Demolish and Replace the Caretaker’s Cottage, Laundry, and Chapel and Phase I Repairs to the Administration Building, North Cottage, and South Cottage, Milne Boys’ Home, 5420 Franklin Avenue, New Orleans, Orleans Parish, LA - Seeking Public Comment"
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Date of Comment Comment Name
City, State
4/24/2012 Demolishing historic buildings before there is an end-user and final design for the site is premature. It negates the option of restoring and utilizing the existing buildings for the new tenant. Of particular concern is the demolition of the histor...     read more Sandra Stokes
New Orleans 
4/24/2012 I am sure that all of these structures are readily repairable, but then so were virtually all of the public buildings destroyed by the City Hall Gangsters. All they care about is contracts for their "patrons", their MASTERS, and graft for themselves. Edwin Weber
New Orleans LA 
4/24/2012 Quit raping your city of its precious historical gems! Preserve them, don't raze them! EVERY historical building, even the tiniest, is a significant contribution to your city as a whole. The more you chip away at your historical architecture, you chi...     read more Kristi Jones
Shreveport, Louisiana 
4/23/2012 Please do not demo these buildings. This is part of the history of New Orleans and this should never happen. Spend money to reserve these building and put them to use instead of spending to demolish. Pamela Danner
New Orleans, LA 
4/16/2012 It would be a true disgrace to destroy any of the existing buildings on the grounds. Louie Armstrong got his first instrument here, and was taught by one of the staff members. The architecture is classic, and the city and entire country are trying ...     read more Name redacted at request of author
Folsom, LA 
4/15/2012 This is insanity. These are vital pieces of our city's heritage and should be preserved. Like removing the street cars, 20 years from now the city will want to rebuild them! Richard Angelico
New Orleans, Louisiana 
4/14/2012 Really?? Haven't we all lost enough of our historic architecture in the last 6 years post Katrina? What will the city's administration want to tear down next? Coming soon to a neighbor near you, one overgrown weed choked lot.
Frank Cole
New Orleans, LA 
4/13/2012 Do not demolish! These are historic and I am tired of seeing post Katrina demolish notices! Name redacted at request of author
new orleans, LA 
4/13/2012 Who is going crazy? Why in the world would anyone do this? It is insand, unnecessary, destructive to our architectural treasury. Please do not let then do this. Peggy Wilson
New Orleans, LA 
4/13/2012 This is where Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong lived as a young boy, and where he got his first cornet. Our city's administration's push seems geared towards demolishing many of our city's most important jazz-related buildings, rather than working with jazz...     read more Wendy King
New Orleans, LA 
New Orleans