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FEMA Section 106 Notices for Louisiana
Comments on "Public Notice Regarding Section 106 and NEPA Review of the Proposal to Demolish 7008 Zimple Street and 7016 Zimple Street New Orleans, Orleans Parish, LA to allow for the Construction of a Roof-Top Expansion of the Howard-Tilton Memorial Library at Tulane University’s St. Charles Avenue Campus - Seeking Public Comment"
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Date of Comment Comment Name
City, State
5/16/2012 "Because they can" is not an honorable reason to destroy these two structures. Likewise, choosing to comment but not owning the comment by including one's name is neither impressive nor persuasive. Surely there are alternatives and surely it is FEM...     read more Melanie Hanley
Baton Rouge, LA 
5/16/2012 The rationale for demolition is to allow for construction equipment on the site - but with no concrete plans offered for future development.
If buildings of historic value are allowed to be demolished when they are not blighted or in danger of co...     read more
Drl Pat o'Brien, Ph.D. (Tulane)
New Orleans, La. 
5/16/2012 Outrageous!!! What else can I say except please reconsider. carol gelderman
new orleans, la 
5/16/2012 I am taken aback that you would tear down these properties, one almost 100 years old, for a TEMPORARY need. These houses are important to our sense of place. Please send the applicant back to the drawing board. Nathan Chapman
New Orleans, LA 
5/16/2012 Tulane U. is currently at odds with the neighbors concerning a new stadium. Demolishing buildings that are on the National Register is wrong, but it is also a big public relations error. Clara Frederick Pincus
New Orleans, LA 
5/16/2012 Surely there is a more clever way for Tulane University to accomplish adding a roof-top addition to the
Howard-Tilton Memorial Library than demolishing two beautiful historic houses. These structures exude New Orleans history. Once demolished, ...     read more
Janet Hays
New Orleans, LA 
5/16/2012 Education is the most important thing Tulane does, and part of that mission includes a library that needs expansion. But, does it make sense to permanently destroy two historic buildings in a historic neighborhood?NO, of course not. I am always puzzl...     read more John Schackai
New Orleans LA 
5/15/2012 It is rather incredible to ask us to believe that all other alternatives for staging material near the construction site have been properly vetted - and that demolition of 2 historic homes is the only solution. This is a permanent loss of historic p...     read more Sandra Stokes
New Orleans 
5/15/2012 Tulane owns these buildings and should have complete control over what they want to do with them as long as they follow any applicable laws. The buildings aren't being used and are just wasted space. Housing the staging area anywhere else isn't fea...     read more Steven Mills
Oklahoma City, OK 
5/15/2012 A really cute Tulane cheerleader lived at 7016 Zimpel in the 1985-86 academic year. So the building certainly has historical significance. Let them stay. Martin Morgan
Madisonvlle, LA 
5/14/2012 Tulane is an tremendous asset to the community, as well as the city and the state. They should be allowed to purchase and redevelop any homes they choose. I would be perfectly happy to see this area used for construction space, then become more dor...     read more Name redacted at request of author
New Orleans, LA 
5/8/2012 I am for tearing down the mentioned buildings in order to improve the Library. The Library is one of the main components of the University, so any improvements take precedence over saving the houses. Name redacted at request of author
New Orleans, Louisiana 
5/8/2012 Here we go again. New Orleans is a living museum, already. There are enough historic houses. When do we see progress? So Tulane is moving on. An "oversite" committee should see they build what's complimentary to the neighborhood.
I saw a vacant ...     read more
Carol Combe
Metairie, LA 
5/8/2012 Scott Cowen is not trying to build up the university. He is interested only in building his own resume and ego. If you let him tear down these buildings, what will he tear down next? and for what purpose? This will cause serious disruption to many of...     read more Name redacted at request of author
New Orleans, LA 
5/8/2012 As a Tulane University Law School alumnus, I object to Tulane's attempt at additional, needless demolition of historic properties in the campus setting.

While on campus, I witnessed and objected to the demolition of the Old Anthropology buil...     read more
Brad V
New York, NY 
5/7/2012 The technology exists to either temporary relocate the buildings for construction and then put them back after the construction or relocate them nearby onto a vacant infill lot. This enables the project to proceed and reutilizes the valuable, irrepla...     read more Rod Scott
Mandeville, LA 
5/3/2012 Please reject Tulane's application to demolish these homes. They are contributing elements to the Uptown National Register Historic District. They are not blighted. They are well-built of high-grade materials that are no longer available for today...     read more Mary Hewes
New Orleans, LA 
5/3/2012 A poor choice on the part of Tulane. These are not beautiful, but they are irreplaceable. Demolition with no plans whatsoever for redevelopment is a poor precedent. Louis R Koerner Jr
New Orleans, La 
5/2/2012 An outrageous proposal. the last thing that we need is more vacant lots.As usual, Tulane and its Uptown buddies care for nothing but their own greed and selfishness. There is NO real excuse for demolishing either building. Edwin Weber
New Orleans LA 
5/2/2012 I find myself doing this every now and then, and it appears that I will have to do so here: as a matter of community pride and agency correctness, the spelling of Zimpel Street in Uptown New Orleans is Z-I-M-P-E-L. The street was named after surveyor...     read more Patrick M. Burke
New Orleans, Louisiana