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FEMA Section 106 Notices for Louisiana
Comments on "Request for Suggestions to Offset Adverse Effect to Historic Properties
FEMA-Funded Water Tower Project at S&WB Water Treatment Facility in the Carrollton Neighborhood
The public comment period for this FEMA Section 106 notice has closed.
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Date of Comment Comment Name
City, State
3/25/2015 Along with my previous comment I also endorse the comment posted about a program to restore historic doors and windows of contributing properties near by the towers. By beautifying our neighborhood, it helps mitigate the ugliness of the towers. th...     read more Nathan Schwam
New Orleans 
3/25/2015 The towers are tall and located at the Orleans-Jefferson parish line. I would like for the design of the towers to be distinctive in a good way. Residents like me who cannot see the towers from our front porches will still see the towers as we commut...     read more Name redacted at request of author
New Orleans, LA 70118 
3/25/2015 The brick wainscot and the white plaster finish on the façade appear appropriate.
2. The metal roof in my opinion should be the Spanish tile. There is a metal roof that is manufactured to mimic Spanish tile - if a metal roof i...     read more
H. V. Nagendra
New Orleans 
3/24/2015 NOLA is fast becoming my second home. I often drive Carrolton. I hate to see any projects that continue to detract from the historic beauty of the city. I recommend looking to the historic water towers of Cincinnati, my home town. No two the sam...     read more Name redacted at request of author
Indpls, IN 
3/24/2015 This may be obvious to other people, but I am interested to know more about the history of the SWB and how we happen to not have towers in the first place. I grew up in New Orleans and never paid that much attention but have wondered when traveling ...     read more Name redacted at request of author
New Orleans, LA 
3/23/2015 In regard to the towers' aesthetic impact on the landscape, whatever becomes of their size and shape please, please do not emblazon clichés such as the fleur de lis or anything related to Mardi Gras, jazz, native animals, etc. on these massive things...     read more Name redacted at request of author
New Orleans 
3/22/2015 As the FEMA Notice states, FEMA is, "to resolve the visual adverse effects to the historic district of the water towers in part by creating measures that will provide long-term public benefit focusing on the Carrollton NR Historic District and the S&...     read more Nathan Schwam
New Orleans, LA 
3/20/2015 New Orleans used to have a large steel tower at the intersection of Carondelet/Bourbon and Canal. New Orleans used to also have several Brick "Shot towers"

Either (or a combination) of these could lend its inspiration to a water tower that w...     read more
R. Lee Waldron
New Orleans, LA 
3/19/2015 I am mailing my comments, because they include pictures and drawings that I am unable to copy and paste here. Sheila L. Luster
Denton, Texas 
3/17/2015 The water towers could be painted to look like feather headdresses or masks or with the famous LOVE signs. Wendy Eden
New Orleans, LA 
3/14/2015 What about using trompe l'oeil to make water towers look like a giant oak tree or palm tree? Charlie London
New Orleans 
3/14/2015 One idea would be to place two (or more if necessary) brick looking smoke stacks next to the S&WB building, with the water stored in a long cylindrical tank at the top, contained within the smoke stacks, matching the building.

Another idea...     read more
Name redacted at request of author
New Orleans, LA 
3/13/2015 Turning water towers into works of art would add to the neighborhood, as long as it matches. I think the water tanks could be designed as giant antique porch gas lamps and in the flames could be a curved version of the sewerage and water board logo....     read more Wendy Eden
New Orleans 
3/2/2015 I appreciate the need for the water towers. 200 feet is enormous, and there is not going to be much that can be done to hide them. Instead, I hope that the neighborhood can embrace them as a unique landmark in Carrollton. It would be nice for the ...     read more Kent Woynowski
New Orleans, LA 
3/1/2015 I am a long time resident of the Carrollton neighborhood and a member of the Carrollton Riverbend Neighborhood Association. Please consider the following comments:
1. The towers design and coloring should mimic the existing 100 yr. old architect...     read more
Julianna Padgett
New Orleans, LA 
2/27/2015 I would like to encourage you to work hard to minimize the impact of constructing 2 water towers in the Carrollton area of nola. Tall trees would help screen the water towers and make them less ugly nd intrusive. carole kiehl
new orleans la 
2/25/2015 I would like to see landscaping including trees to block the view of the large towers. A canopy of Oak trees or row of Holly Trees would be much more visually pleasing and partially obstruct the unattractive towers. Trees could be placed around t...     read more Name redacted at request of author
New Orleans, LA 
2/24/2015 As a resident in the affected area for this project and as a neighbor who is active in my community (I serve on the neighborhood association board), I request your consideration to my following comments regarding the design of the water towers:
M...     read more
David A Alvarez
2/23/2015 Water Towers do not need to be a bulb on a stick. Think about the space below the tank that is wasted. Can the water (STORAGE) tank be something else too????

I suggest FEMA consult with Tulane University or the Architects Association to co...     read more
H. V. Nagendra
New Orleans 
2/3/2015 I would like to know to length of construction for this project and truck routes to be used also hours of work each day and what the noise and dust levels will be. Many houses in the neighborhood(which is where I live) are not in great shape due to ...     read more Sandra Clark
New Orleans, La. 
2/2/2015 This is regarding the Water Hammer project which involves the two water towers being built by the SWB. I am the quality of Life Chairperson for the Carrollton Riverbend Neighborhood Association. We would like a chance to offer submissions for th...     read more Gabriel Flores
New Orleans, LA