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FEMA Section 106 Notices for Louisiana
Comments on "Seeking Public Comment for Privately-Owned Commercial Buildings Undergoing Eligibility Review for FEMA-Funded Demolition:
Club Desire, 2604 Desire Street, New Orleans, Louisiana
Seeking Alternatives to Demolition
The public comment period for this FEMA Section 106 notice has closed.
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Date of Comment Comment Name
City, State
8/15/2015 This club was an important cultural landmark in a city that has unfortunately destroyed way too many of its cultural landmarks, but, in particular, the launch of the career of Antoine "Fats" Domino from this building is not just a bit of "New Orleans...     read more Brian Ross
Boca Raton, FL 
8/14/2015 Please more actively seek alternatives to demolition that would recognize its historic significance. We have lost so many musical landmarks already. This is very much at risk of being another one whose destruction we won't be able to explain a deca...     read more Dave Thomas
New Orleans, La. 
8/13/2015 Considering they city tore down Louis Armstong's birthplace and most of the sites associated with the beginnings of jazz, it would behoove us (city, state, country, world) to save a site so intimately connected to rhythm and blues and the birth of ro...     read more Jay Mazza
New Orleans LA 
8/12/2015 If rehabilitated, this building could be a source of income and jobs in this neighborhood; as a vacant lot it will only further decrease values and investor interest. Name redacted at request of author
New Orleans, LA 
8/10/2015 I understand their is a discussion in regards to the 2604 Desire St. We would like to see this building torn down. It is a danger and a safety issue to our community. Numerous residents have called 311 to report this building and have reported to cou...     read more Katherine Prevost
8/4/2015 This seems to be an important music landmark.

Rather than using FEMA funds on its demolition, why not urge the City of New Orleans to offer it for auction as a property adjudicated for nonpayment of taxes? Per the assessor's web site, the b...     read more
R. Stephanie Bruno
New Orleans, LA 70115 
7/29/2015 Thank you FEMA. We are finished recovering from Hurricane Katrina. Now go back to Washington, and take your money with you, and stop funding the demolition of our city landmarks. Once again, thank you. Michael Rouchell
New Orleans, LA