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FEMA Section 106 Notices for Louisiana
Comments on "Public Notice Regarding Historic Review of Privately-Owned Residential Buildings in Orleans Parish, Louisiana - (Not Collapsed)"
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Date of Comment Comment Name
City, State
10/16/2006 1442 Touro Street is in Upper Faubourg New Marigny. It is around the corner from Jelly Roll Morton's house. It was occupied before the storm. It had part of its tin roof blown off, which seems like minor damage. Why is it suddenly up for demolitio...     read more Jack Stewart and Ann Woodruff
New Orleans, LA 
10/9/2006 building is in a state of collaspe and is a danger to the community at large. i have noticed on several occasions young people walking by this property with their even younger children or relatives. please immediately do something about this dange...     read more Name redacted at request of author
new orleans, la 
10/6/2006 My wife just read in the Lafayette newspaper that FEMA and the City of New Orleans are seeking people to come to New Orleans to inspect houses that have not be secured from hazards. I have been working in the right of way business for 20 years. I st...     read more Larry Cook
Scott, LA 
10/6/2006 This building has collapsed and is, in my oppinion, a hazzard to passersby. There are exposed rusty nails, splintered wood, roofing schrapnel and power wires attached to the power pole and dangling building facade framgments. There is clearly no wa...     read more michael sobel
new orleans, louisiana