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FEMA Section 106 Notices for Louisiana
Comment on "Public Notice Regarding Section 106 Review of State of Louisiana, LA Department of Education/Recovery School District (RSD) Proposal to Demolish the Thomy Lafon Elementary School, 2601 Seventh Street, New Orleans, LA - Seeking Public Comment"
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Name: wayne troyer
City: New Orleans, louisiana
Phillis Wheatley Elementary, Thomy Lafon Elementary School, a number facilities designed by E.A. Christy and the Priestly School of Architecture and Construction, George Washington Carver Junior, McDonogh No. 39 / Avery Alexander Elementary School
Comments: Curtis and Davis's Thomy Lafon Elementary (1954) is nationally recognized mid-century modern structures, representing the very best in progressive school design. Since a school use is not needed at this site, the creation of a community arts center based on the Colton School model could be utilized as a resource for both the neighborhood and the city. Haven't we lost enough of our history. As a city we need to lead by example and show how to be sustainable. The common arguments that support the "wipe the slate clean" approach is not consistent with the city's initiative to embrace "green standards". Is this the best example we can provide for preservation and sustainability? As preservationist like to say the "greenest building is the one that is already built." Adaptive reuse of buildings like this need to be an essential part of our efforts as a way of setting an example about the issues of sustainability and the importance of adaptive reuse in rebuilding. Renovation and rehabilitation of Thomy Lafon particularly can become symbolic of the city's ability to recover and renew itself instead of just demolishing and starting over.