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Comment on "Public Notice Regarding Section 106 Review of State of Louisiana, LA Department of Education/Recovery School District (RSD) Proposal to Demolish the Thomy Lafon Elementary School, 2601 Seventh Street, New Orleans, LA - Seeking Public Comment"
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Name: Dr Barbara Holloway
City: New Orleans, LA
I prefer that we keep some portion of the building even if as a meeting site
Comments: Thomy Lafon (1810-1893) was a Creole business man, philanthropist and human rights activist in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. He was born poor, but was a free person of color. He started out selling cakes to workers, opened a small store, was a school reacher at a time and became successful at money lending and real estate investment. He was an opponent of slavery and supported racial integration in schools. Lafon is mostly known for his large donations to the American Anti-Slavery Society, the Underground Railroad, the Catholic School for Indigent Orphans, the Louisiana Association for the Benefit of Colored Orphans and other charities for both blacks and whites. In his will he also gave funds to locals charities and the Charity Hospital, Lafon Old Folks Home, Dillard University and the Sisters of the Holy Family, an African-American nun order.[1][2] The Thomy Lafon school was called "the best Negro schoolhouse in Louisiana", but was burned down by a white mob during the New Orleans Race Riot of 1900.[3] Lafon also supported Tribune, the first black-owned newspaper in the south after the American Civil War. He never married and died on December 22, 1893.[