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FEMA Section 106 Notices for Louisiana
Comment on "Public Notice Regarding Section 106 Review of Proposed Demolition and Rehabilitation of Booker T. Washington High School - 1201 S. Roman Avenue, New Orleans, LA - Seeking Public Comment "
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Name: Hester Hilton
City: Baton Rouge, La.
1201 South Roman Street - New Orleans, La. 70125
Comments: I am in favor of the tearing down and rebuilding of Booker T. Washington High School as long as FEMA is committed to restoring it according to the specifications of the Alumni Association. This school has played a very important role in the lives o African Americans in New Orleans. Almost all of my nieces and nephews attended this school. For decades it has been the one place where people of color could gather. Just please retore this great institution so that it can continue to be a source of pride for its community.