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FEMA Section 106 Notices for Louisiana
Comment on "Request for Suggestions to Offset Adverse Effect to Historic Properties
FEMA-Funded Water Tower Project at S&WB Water Treatment Facility in the Carrollton Neighborhood
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Name: Sandra Clark
City: New Orleans, La.
P- town 70118
Comments: I would like to know to length of construction for this project and truck routes to be used also hours of work each day and what the noise and dust levels will be. Many houses in the neighborhood(which is where I live) are not in great shape due to being a lower income area and a lot of homeowners not having available funds for renovations. What steps will FEMA and the S&W Bd. take to make sure that the vibrations from building the towers and the increased heavy truck traffic won't cause damage to the foundation of these houses. Also are there any hazardous materials being used in the building which will be airborne that the neighborhood needs to know about?
suggestions to offset adverse effects:1.Plant trees along roads that will be taken by trucks to soften noise/dust level, and create visual barriers of construction work.2.Put up fencing and lower speed limits around site to keep down dust.
3.Paint towers to blend in with sky and environment. 4.Make sure trucks are routed on main thorough fares that can take that kind of high traffic not through neighborhoods.5. Set up a hotline for complaints and issues that may be affecting neighbors once construction begins.