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Comment on "Request for Suggestions to Offset Adverse Effect to Historic Properties
FEMA-Funded Water Tower Project at S&WB Water Treatment Facility in the Carrollton Neighborhood
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Name: Name redacted at the request of the author
City: New Orleans, LA
Water Hammer
Comments: I would like to see landscaping including trees to block the view of the large towers. A canopy of Oak trees or row of Holly Trees would be much more visually pleasing and partially obstruct the unattractive towers. Trees could be placed around the perimeter of the property.

The towers in the picture are especially unattractive. Could they be more rounded, or more appealing in any other way? I know I have seen towers in other cities that have a much nicer shape. A Google image search of water towers shows that there are many many different types of water towers and I'd like to see something more attractive than what you have shown in the example picture.

Special attention should be paid to Harrell Park including the swimming pool, and other pedestrian areas such as the bus stop that are in close proximity to the towers. I would suggest that when people are gathered in the area of the towers, the view above does not only include the towers. There should be shade trees, palm trees, tall grasses, a shade canopy on the playground and a covered bus stops all along Leonidas.

It would be nice if the towers could mimic the design of the old smoke stack that is also on the property. I'm sure an artist or an architect could some up with something more appealing and unique, something suited to NEW ORLEANS. Can you consult with some local artistic designers?

Thank you.