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FEMA Section 106 Notices for Louisiana
Comment on "Request for Suggestions to Offset Adverse Effect to Historic Properties
FEMA-Funded Water Tower Project at S&WB Water Treatment Facility in the Carrollton Neighborhood
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Name: Julianna Padgett
City: New Orleans, LA
Comments: I am a long time resident of the Carrollton neighborhood and a member of the Carrollton Riverbend Neighborhood Association. Please consider the following comments:
1. The towers design and coloring should mimic the existing 100 yr. old architecture of the SWBNO water plant.
2. A screen/canopy over the Ka-Boom playground at Harrell Park, similar to what is at Palmer Park, so you don't always have to see the tower that will be located close to the playground, and will also provide some shade during the Summer. 

3. Improvements to the bus stop at Claiborne x Leonidas so you don't have to see the towers all the time and will provide shade. 

4. Shade trees along key stretches of the plant perimeter such as Claiborne Av. and Leonidas St.
5. Designing the towers so that cell phone companies could use them to improve cell phone reception in our area (and negate any deleterious effect the towers could have to current poor reception).
6. At the bottom of the surrounding tower place an information area to
a. "educate" visitors on how New Orleans drainage system works with maps, photos. Currently, many in New Orleans cannot appreciate (or even be aware of) of where they live in regards to being below sea level and the pumps system. You could also add an area specifically dedicated to AB Wood, the inventor of the screw pumps.
b. provide a history of Carrollton including pamphlets for a self-guided walk through the neighborhood
c. Include an office to pay your water bill.