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Comment on "Request for Suggestions to Offset Adverse Effect to Historic Properties
FEMA-Funded Water Tower Project at S&WB Water Treatment Facility in the Carrollton Neighborhood
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Name: Kent Woynowski
City: New Orleans, LA
Comments: I appreciate the need for the water towers. 200 feet is enormous, and there is not going to be much that can be done to hide them. Instead, I hope that the neighborhood can embrace them as a unique landmark in Carrollton. It would be nice for the towers to be thought of as "one of those cool things about Carrollton," rather than just an industrial part of the S&WB.

Perhaps painting them with a logo for the neighborhood, or something along the lines of "Carrollton - founded 1833" would go a long way towards making the towers more attractive, and perhaps they could be known as the Carrollton Water Towers instead of the Sewerage & Water Board Water Hammer Towers.

I understand that no trees can go on the S&WB property, with good reason, but what about working with the city and property owners to beautify Leonidas Street, our main neighborhood thoroughfare? Since nothing can really be done to "hide" the towers, how about making the surrounding streets more attractive, drawing the eye towards them instead of to the towers. A tree canopy down Leonidas Street would do wonders for our neighborhood; as it stands now, it is almost all concrete, with very little trees. Hardly an inviting street. The Nine Mile Point electrical towers are in plain view heading towards the river and the new towers will be in plain view heading towards the lake. A tree canopy would look great, and disguise our necessary infrastructure improvements.

A mitigation project for the towers does not have to occur on S&WB property. Take it down our main internal thoroughfare Leonidas Street and I believe you will generate a lot of good will in the neighborhood as well as spur neighborhood development.