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FEMA Section 106 Notices for Louisiana
Comment on "Request for Suggestions to Offset Adverse Effect to Historic Properties
FEMA-Funded Water Tower Project at S&WB Water Treatment Facility in the Carrollton Neighborhood
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Name: Nathan Schwam
City: New Orleans, LA
8234 Cohn St., NO, LA 70118
Comments: As the FEMA Notice states, FEMA is, "to resolve the visual adverse effects to the historic district of the water towers in part by creating measures that will provide long-term public benefit focusing on the Carrollton NR Historic District and the S&WB Water Treatment Plants." Unfortunately, I don't think FEMA can fund having someone come do something to my house to mitigate the eyesore. But there are several things that can be accomplished by:
1. Screening the towers from view.
2. Improving the beauty of the affected parts of our historic district to help counteract the negative effects of viewing two, 200 foot-high, 2 million gallon towers
3. Counteract the towers' ugliness by using them to create a "public benefit" for our neighborhood

1. Neighbors - Those closest to the towers are affected the most. They will see the towers tower over the site just as they currently see an industrial plant across the street from where they live - in this case, an industrial clean-water factory. An effort should be made to screen the towers from view with tree plantings, where possible, along the perimeter of the S&WB plant (it's more palatable to see the towers rise over an attractive tree canopy). The root structure, of course should not interfere with any underground pipes and infrastructure that emanates from the plant. However, a serious evaluation that matches potential shallow root system trees with opportunities for planting them along the perimeter should be conducted. This also ties in to beautifying the affected area as a way of mitigating the ugliness of the towers as discussed below.
2. Harrell Park - A screen-canopy, similar in function to the one six blocks away at Palmer Park should be constructed for the playground at Harrell. It would also have an additional public benefit of providing shade for the children using the playground during the hot summer months.

1. While S&WB probably has many pipes and infrastructure in general emanating underground from the plant, a serious analysis of mitigating the visual effects of the towers by beautifying the perimeter of the plant as much as possible should be conducted.
2. Beautify the perimeter fencing where possible for a more traditional New Orleans look.
3. Install a sidewalk along the Claiborne Ave. perimeter.
4. Improve the look and functionality of the transit stop at Leonidas and Claiborne

1. Enable the towers to support cell-phone and other communications equipment to improve phone reception (and negate deleterious communications effects of the towers) and life-safety communications in the area.