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FEMA Section 106 Notices for Louisiana
Comment on "Request for Suggestions to Offset Adverse Effect to Historic Properties
FEMA-Funded Water Tower Project at S&WB Water Treatment Facility in the Carrollton Neighborhood
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Name: Name redacted at the request of the author
City: New Orleans, LA
Comments: This may be obvious to other people, but I am interested to know more about the history of the SWB and how we happen to not have towers in the first place. I grew up in New Orleans and never paid that much attention but have wondered when traveling why other places seem to have water towers and we don't. I think someone mentioned adding signage, a walking tour, or other information regarding the history. I would find that very useful and educational. I know I am interested in it. I don't know exactly what this would entail. I would think something along the lines of a permanent exhibit or web site, not simply an article in the paper. I would love to see a permanent exhibit at the LA Children's museum similar to the exhibit that showcases the cargo ships at the Port of NO. There could be an additional playground equipment or interesting water themed equipment at Harrell playground to make it more appealing, possibly to become known as the Water Tower Playground. It might not be called that but if it became a nicer playground it could be a destination playground which would be an improvement to the neighborhood to offset the unappealing towers. Maybe a "Water Tower Splash Park" addition to the NORD swimming pool on Leonidas. There could be a large informational sign, similar to something that you would see at a state or national park with text and graphics, with a small shaded awning. That could be an long-term public benefit that would make the NORD pool and playground area something more appealing and educational. Tying into the water them a splash park or other improvements to the NORD pool would be a good fit.