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Comment on "Notice of Proposed Expansion of New Orleans Historic Districts"
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Name: Heather H. Hall
City: New Orleans, LA
Comments: I also hope that there will at some point be a better effort to notify the public and solicit their opinions on the proposed expansion of the historic neighborhood boundaries. I live on the St. Bernard side of Onzaga, just outside of the current historic district. I support expanding the historic boundaries as a way to protect the uique cultural and historical characteristics of our neighborhood, and protect us from the feeding frenzy that may develop in coming months. I am very committed to preserving the social and racial diversity that exists among my current neighbors, and I think that the proposed expansion may assist that, despite many concerns. At the end of the day, gentrification works as the free market permits, and I am not convinced that designating new areas of our neighborhood as historic will accelerate that process. I am concerned though, that since our neighborhood has relatively little political clout, we will be vulnerable to development projects that dramatically change the composition of our neighborhoods. I look forward to seeing notices of a public meeting where I can hear more of my neighbor's thoughts.