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FEMA Section 106 Notices for Louisiana
Comment on "Public Notice NHPA/NEPA1
Seeking Public Comment for FEMA Funded Construction
of the Mazant-Royal Housing Development,
4100 Royal Street, New Orleans
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Name: Name redacted at the request of the author
City: San Francisco
Comments: My concern is for legacy trees on this site. No matter the carbon offset calculation made by planting new trees, you cannot replace the legacy of time and scale of a legacy tree. And as the argument is made that the site was destroyed by the ravages of Katrina, we must note that these trees have survived the worst, again and again, in terms of nature. However, it it truly incomprehensible that the absolute worst damage that can be done by nature, is the ill nature of man, and the greed he brings--superseding hundreds of years of old growth, that is irreplaceable.