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FEMA Section 106 Notices for Louisiana
Comment on "Public Notice NHPA/NEPA1 Seeking Public Comment for FEMA-funded Demolition of House of Detention, 2735 Perdido Street, New Orleans"
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Name: Andrea Armstrong
City: New Orleans, LA
House of Detention
Comments: Please consider a more thorough video and photo documentation of the interior of this historic building and a public process to better understand the influence of this building on the lives of everyday New Orleanians. I have written on the available materials documenting incarceration in New Orleans (https://www.datacenterresearch.org/reports_analysis/300-years-of-jail-conditions/), including the House of Detention, but it is clear that much remains unknown. With at least 825 beds, it is likely that hundreds of thousands of individuals were detained in this building since construction at some point and yet, we lack systematic documentation of the interior and operation of the facility. Both the Historic New Orleans Collection and a collective of Black New Orleans artists have both expressed interest in engaging and preserving this important history. We owe it to the people detained there and their families to fully understand the conditions experienced.