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FEMA Section 106 Notices for Louisiana
"Public Notice Regarding Historic Review of Privately-Owned Residential Buildings Proposed for Demolition in Orleans Parish, Louisiana - Seeking Public Comment"
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Public Notice Regarding Historic Review of Privately-Owned Residential Buildings Proposed for Demolition in Orleans Parish, Louisiana - Seeking Public Comment

The high winds and heavy rains of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and the subsequent widespread flooding severely damaged many buildings in Orleans Parish. In the aftermath of the hurricanes, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is issuing this public notice as part of its responsibilities under 36 CFR Part 800, the regulations implementing Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, as amended. This notice applies to activities carried out by the Public Assistance (PA) program implemented under the authority of the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act, 42 U.S.C.§§ 5152-5206.

Map of property locations - click to enlarge
Map of property locations - click to enlarge
The City of New Orleans has determined that many of the buildings severely damaged by the hurricanes are an imminent threat to public health and safety. FEMA is proposing to fund the demolition of privately-owned residential buildings that pose such a threat. The regulations at36 CFR Part 800 require FEMA, as the funding agency, to identify if any of the buildings proposed for demolition are eligible for the National Register of Historic Places; to assess the effect the demolition will have on historic properties; and to seek ways to avoid, minimize, or mitigate any adverse effects.

FEMA, in consultation with SHPO, has found 224 buildings eligible for the National Register and is requesting the aid of the public in identifying alternatives to demolition. Any member of the public who has specific practical information on feasible alternatives to demolition for any of these buildings is encouraged to respond. Alternative proposals should include a source of funding for stabilization and/or repairs and the timeframe required to accomplish these actions.

For a list of the property addresses and to suggest specific alternatives to demolition, visit www.crt.state.la.us/culturalassets/fema106. This information will be accepted for a 15-day period beginning on October 21, 2011. Comments should be submitted to FEMA at the website or by regular mail to:

Historic Preservation
1 Seine Court
New Orleans, LA 70114

If mailed, comments must be physically received at this address by November 4, 2011.

NOTE: This list has been compiled using the best information available; however the status of these buildings is continually evolving. These buildings are potentially eligible for FEMA-funded demolition; FEMA reviewed these buildings under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act and identified them as historic. Since then, these buildings may have been renovated or demolished with other funding.

 AddressStreet NameNotes
13600-02South Saratoga StreetDemolished = Collapsed and demolished according to the Secondary PA

Active=Potentially eligible for FEMA-funded demolition
 AddressStreet Name
21220North Tonti Street
329151st Street
423322nd Street
524312nd Street
62820-222nd Street
75353rd Street
82901-03Amelia Street
98501Apple Street
103001-03Baudin Street
114324-26Baudin Street
122530-32Bienville Avenue
132620-22Castiglione Street
141300-02Congress Street
152327Conti Street
162748-50Conti Street
172230-32Delachaise Street
18426Delery Street
192814Dryades Street
202129-31Dumaine Street
212630Elder Street
221911Elysian Fields Avenue
231229Feliciana Street
241429-31Feliciana Street
252231-33Felicity Street
262217Franklin Avenue
274123Freret Street
282605General Taylor Street
298505Hickory Street
308613Hickory Street
318617-19Hickory Street
322022Iberville Street
332753-55Iberville Street
342735Jonquil Street
352229-31Josephine Street
362001-03Kerlerec Street
383419-21LA AVE PKWY
393429-31La Salle Street
401821Laharpe Street
412639Laharpe Street
422844-46Lasalle Street
433601-03Marais Street
444237-39Marais Street
451919Monroe Street
462620Myrtle Street
471632-34North Claiborne Avenue
482320-22North Derbigny Street
491209North Galvez Street
502419North Johnson Street
512545-47North Miro Street
521557-59North Prieur Street
532201-03North Prieur Street
542360North Robertson Street
552723-25North Robertson Street
56922North Rocheblave Street
57812-14North Rocheblave Street
581442North Roman Street
592626North Roman Street
602306-08North Roman Street
611200North Tonti Street
621918Onzaga Street
631837-39Pauger Street
642424-26Pauger Street
65616Port Street
662020Port Street
671825-27Port Street
681909-11Port Street
691933Robert Street
702608Robert Street
712208Saint Ann Street
721605-07Saint Anthony Street
731700-02Saint Anthony Street
742226Saint Philip Street
752411-13Saint Philip Street
764751Saint Roch Avenue
771912-14Saint Roch Avenue
78340South Clark Street
79629-31South Dupre Street
80511South Gayoso Street
811700-02South Rampart Street
823015-17South Saratoga Street
83425South White Street
842004Spain Street
852324-26Toledano Street
862968-70Toledano Street
873008-10Toulouse Street
881807Touro Street
894035-37Ulloa Street
903422-24Washington Avenue

Under Review=In process, potentially eligible for FEMA-funded demolition
 AddressStreet Name
912907Baudin Street
923737Clara Street
931726Harmony Street
94906Poland Avenue
952532-34Saint Ann Street
96435South Dupre Street
97226South Lopez Street
981720South Rampart Street
99218South Solomon Street

Other Funding=In process for Sheriff's Sale or under the jurisdiction of other
    federally funded Louisiana programs
 AddressStreet Name
 AddressStreet Name
10029231st Street
1011941Arts Street
1022101-03Arts Street
1033036Banks Street
1042830-32Banks Street
1052031Baronne Street
1064120-22Baudin Street
1073016-18Bienville Avenue
1082121-23Cadiz Street
1091822-24Clio Street
1101823Columbus Street
1112401Danneel Street
1122914-16Danneel Street
1132922-24Dryades Street
1144734Franklin Avenue
1152227-29Franklin Avenue
1164122-24Freret Street
1174114-16General Pershing Street
1182325-27Governor Nicholls Street
1192309-11Gravier Street
1202115Jackson Avenue
1211727Louisa Street
1221802Mandeville Street
1231926Marigny Street
1241338-40Marigny Street
1251009North Claiborne Avenue
1261423North Claiborne Avenue
1271640-42North Claiborne Avenue
1281013-15North Derbigny Street
1291731North Dupre Street
1301207North Galvez Street
1312641-43North Galvez Street
1321224-26North Miro Street
1331665-67North Miro Street
1343130-32North Rampart Street
1358713-15Oak Street
1362434Peniston Street
1374834Prentiss Avenue
1383038-40Saint Claude Avenue
1393000-02Saint Peter Street
1401721-23Saint Philip Street
1411011Saint Roch Avenue
1422216-18Saint Roch Avenue
1434218-20South Carrollton Avenue
144229-31South Dupre Street
1452701-03South Liberty Street
146623South Miro Street
1474101-03South Miro Street
148500-02South Scott Street
1491321-23Spain Street
1503008Toledano Street
1513218Toledano Street
1522364-66Urquhart Street

LLT=Property under control of Louisiana Land Trust,
   probably will not be demolished with FEMA funds
 AddressStreet Name
153515Alabo Street
1542231Almonaster Avenue
1554602Baccich Street
1563105Baudin Street
1573201LA AVE PKWY
1582680Lavender Street
1591518Mandeville Street
1602609-11Milan Street
1612650Myrtle Street
1622717-19North Claiborne Avenue
1632654-56North Galvez Street
1642473North Johnson Street
165211North Rendon Street
166326North Salcedo Street
1671732Paul Morphy Street
1684940Saint Roch Avenue
1694218South Dorgenois Street
170420-22South Olympia Street
171135-37South Rendon Street
172414Tupelo Street
1732808-10Upperline Street

On Hold=Denial of demolition permit by City of New Orleans
    historic commissions OR awaiting inspection
 AddressStreet Name
1742220-221st Street
1758425-27Apple Street
1763827Baudin Street
1771405-07Frenchmen Street
1788339Hickory Street
1792266-68Marais Street
1802824Milan Street
1811831-33Pauger Street
1821819Saint Anthony Street
1831924-26Saint Louis Street
1842501Saint Peter Street
1852124Saint Roch Avenue
186227South Olympia Street
187316South Olympia Street
188739South Salcedo Street

Renovation=Under renovation, will likely be deemed "In Compliance"
 AddressStreet Name
1893630Banks Street
190818-20North Dorgenois Street
191822-24North Dorgenois Street
1921015-17Saint Roch Avenue
193527South Galvez Street
1943162-64Toulouse Street

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