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FEMA Section 106 Notices for Louisiana
"Public Notice Regarding Historic Review of Privately-Owned Residential Buildings Proposed for Demolition in Orleans Parish, Louisiana - (2) Buildings Eligible for the National Register (Seeking Public Comment on Alternatives to Demolition)"
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Public Notice Regarding Historic Review of Privately-Owned Residential Buildings Proposed for Demolition in Orleans Parish, Louisiana - (2) Buildings Eligible for the National Register (Seeking Public Comment on Alternatives to Demolition)

(2) Regarding those buildings proposed for demolition that FEMA, in consultation with SHPO, has found eligible for the National Register, FEMA is requesting the aid of the public in identifying alternatives to demolition. Any member of the public who has specific practical information on feasible alternatives to demolition for any of these buildings is encouraged to respond. Alternative proposals should include a source of funding for stabilization and/or repairs and the timeframe required to accomplish these actions.

A list of these property addresses and map of their locations are given below. Responses to this information will be accepted for a 15-day period beginning on Friday, November 9, 2007. Comments should be submitted to FEMA at the website or by regular mail to:

FEMA Algiers TRO
5th Floor, Historic Preservation
1 Seine Court
New Orleans, LA 70114

If mailed, comments must be physically received at this address by November 23, 2007. Location of Properties Proposed for Demolition that are eligible for the National Register

Street Number Street Direction Street Name Latitude Longitude
2332 2nd Street29.938654183-90.088332586
2424-26 2nd Street29.939443002-90.088870427
831-33 6th Street29.923604629-90.082301665
517-19South Alexander Street29.973057408-90.107705740
6113 Bienvenue Street29.953326294-90.013877654
6125 Chartres Street29.954907629-90.012820492
1009North Claiborne Avenue29.966839943-90.071252707
1823North Claiborne Avenue29.973426190-90.061306235
1907North Claiborne Avenue29.973494384-90.060565096
730 Delery Street29.955559001-90.009878922
131South Derbingy Street29.959115832-90.079347318
5452-54 Douglas Street29.955510113-90.019485988
2811 Dryades Drive29.933377669-90.088283715
1824 Dumaine Street29.966557300-90.073454504
1832-34 Dumaine Street29.966740062-90.073753689
2129-31 Dumaine Street29.968493563-90.076153550
2636-38 Dumaine Street29.970318415-90.079037518
1405-07 Frenchmen Street29.971711990-90.058367566
320-22North Galvez Street29.964192305-90.080155064
1831-33 Governor Nicholls Street29.969114527-90.071466550
4143-45 Iberville Street29.976254790-90.100805318
1924-26 Jackson Avenue29.937427536-90.083590596
2219-21 Jackson Avenue29.940378062-90.085891773
2513 Jackson Avenue29.942352946-90.087566733
1821-23 Josephine Street29.937348834-90.081765451
900-02 Jourdan Avenue29.961303218-90.026149830
3009-11 Lafitte Street29.971267329-90.087709941
2120 Lasalle Street29.940948125-90.085678600
2229 Lasalle Street29.940201647-90.086911303
2431-33 Lasalle Street29.939148902-90.088459725
1715 Leharpe Street29.972797213-90.067651591
1724 Leharpe Street29.972796496-90.067884087
3321South Liberty Street29.934917763-90.093958774
709-11 Lizardi Street29.958367883-90.021784502
833-35 Lizardi Street29.959765385-90.021322881
2614-16North Miro Street29.980072092-90.050277697
1228 Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard29.942820934-90.077865621
1715-17 Orleans Avenue29.964758626-90.073623503
1837-39 Pauger Street29.969151785-90.060445479
2014 Pauger Street29.970751312-90.060684001
1956North Prieur Street29.976353004-90.061804936
1224North Robertson Street29.968022169-90.068236610
1926North Robertson Street29.972392523-90.060085929
1921North Roman Street29.975527670-90.060359362
1657 Rousselin Drive29.979863481-90.073699908
1439-41 Saint Anthony Street29.972114563-90.061818068
1442 Saint Claude Avenue29.967431635-90.063599143
1924-26 Saint Louis Street29.963901982-90.077424934
1208-10 Simon Bolivar Street29.944388714-90.079848582
939-41 Thalia Street29.937949336-90.069811653
1127 Thalia Street29.938487518-90.072025955
3536-38 Toledano Street29.947406942-90.099331638
1419-21 Touro Street29.971903282-90.059531359