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FEMA Section 106 Notices for Louisiana
Comments on "Public Notice Regarding Section 106 and NEPA Review of the City of New Orleans’ Proposal to Demolish the Sexton Cottages/Maintenance Buildings at Holt Cemetery, Lafayette No. 1 Cemetery, Lafayette No. 2 Cemetery, and Carrollton No. 1 Cemetery, New Orleans, Orleans Parish, LA - Seeking Public Comment

See Addendum Update of April 26, 2013"

The public comment period for this FEMA Section 106 notice has closed.
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Date of Comment Comment Name
City, State
4/26/2012 Section 106 and NEPA reviews are meant to aid informed decision-making about the potentially negative impacts of federal actions on historic properties in communities and to ensure public voices are heard. I am opposed to the demolition of the sexto...     read more Ann Daigle
New Orleans, LA 
4/25/2012 The demolition of the Sexton Cottages would certainly be a blow to our city. These historic structures are an invaluable contribution to what makes New Orleans unique, and why it is the destination of choice for many people around the country, and a...     read more Janet Hays
New Orleans, LA 
4/25/2012 Repair the sexton cottages in the historic cemeteries of our city! They are the real thing and are elements of our lives which we respect and that thousands of visitors come to our city to observe. Why should we accept decisions such as demolition?...     read more Martha L. Owen
New Orleans,LA 
4/25/2012 It's my strong opinion that the cottages present on the two Washington Avenue sites should be renewed rather than replaced. These structures are an integral part of the historic whole that makes up the Lafayette cemeteries. To remove them now, withou...     read more A Jordan
New Orleans, Louisiana 
4/25/2012 I would like to see the cemeteries planted with plants that provide food and shelter for wildlife, especially birds and butterflies ... there are many great and attractive plants that would provide encourage this. .. Name redacted at request of author
New Orleans 
4/25/2012 Our cemeteries, in their entirety, are such a defining part of the local heritage. Please do not whittle away at them, any part of them, in the name of progress. Cheri Thompson
N.O., LA 
4/25/2012 Please do not destroy the historic properties slated for demolition. Repair if necessary. These structures add to the unique character of our city.
Barbara Gusman Normand
New orleans, La. 
4/25/2012 The sexton cottages are contributing elements in Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 and 2 and Holt Cemetery. They should be rehabilitated and not demolished. Rebeckah Blossman
New Orleans 
4/25/2012 Please consider the historic value in preserving these sites. Because these sites were mainly slave burials, are they not reconize their historic significance!! Adrian z
New Orleans, LA 
4/25/2012 N.O.cemeteries are a major tourist attraction and part of most New Orleanians and their families as resting places for our loved ones. Why demolish the keeper's houses which have always been part of the whole cemetery scene? If they go, which tombs a...     read more Name redacted at request of author
Donalsdsonville, LA 
4/25/2012 Demolition is a horrible alternative to preservation. These cemeteries and their auxiliary buildings are a vital part of New Orleans' history and culture. When these unique treasures are gone, they're GONE!
Ned Hémard
New Orleans, Louisiana 
4/25/2012 Why would anyone want to destroy the things that make New Orleans a unique city that attracts tourists? These places should be restored, not demolished. What a waste. Cathy Scarbrough
Baton Rouge LA 
4/25/2012 Cemeteries in New Orleans should be preserved because of their historic and cultural value. They also bring revenue due to tourism. Please do not demolish. Repair, if necessary. Name redacted at request of author
New Orleans, La 
4/25/2012 The proposal to demolish these cottages is another blow to our city's architectural history and legacy to future generations. These cottages remind us to honor those who have kept these cemeteries clean, maintained them and their graves after storms,...     read more Wendy King
New Orleans, LA 
4/25/2012 Demolition of these historic structures should be the last alternative - not the first and only option. The goals of the City of New Orleans and preservationists are not mutually exclusive. Maintaining historic integrity, meeting programmatic needs...     read more Sandra Stokes
New Orleans 
4/25/2012 I live within walking distance of Lafayette No. 1 where most of my family members have been interred. My sisters and I frequently visit the family tombs
where parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, great aunts, great uncles, and
cousins are bu...     read more
Diane Dumestre Thompson
New Orleans, LA 
4/25/2012 I could hardly improve on the words already spoken in favor of honoring our ancestors. Ernest Gaines, Alexis de Tocqueville and even our city fathers in 1922 already described why it is important to preserve and protect and cherish these cemeteries, ...     read more Fernin F. Eaton
Saint Francisville 
4/25/2012 The Sexton's Cottage at Holt Cemetery is key feature of this historic cemetery and must not be demolished. Holt Cemetery is eligible to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and is the burial site for several noted and historic New O...     read more DANIEL R. SAMUELS/FRIENDS OF LAFITTE CORRIDOR
4/25/2012 Can't you restore these ancillary buildings. They are tell so much of our history! Flora Cherry
New Orleans, LA 
4/25/2012 It would be a travesty to demolish the historic sexton cottages at Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 and 2 and Holt Cemetery. The cottages at Lafayette No. 1 and 2 are structurally sound. It is unfortunate that the blue tarp at the sexton cottage at Lafayet...     read more Heather Knight
New Orleans, LA 
4/24/2012 The sexton cottages should not be demolished as they are important to the history of our cemeteries - please save. j gamble
new orleans, la 
4/24/2012 In New Orleans, we have a group that raises money to preserve the historic nature of cemeteries -- Save Our Cemeteries. Need it be said that a major part of the attraction of the city is the preserved living history of its public places, of which cem...     read more Brian Denzer
New Orleans, Louisiana 
4/24/2012 The proposed cottage demolition is an irreversible act that will unnecessarily destroy a defining characteristic of New Orleans' unique culture. Our historic city cemeteries have been neglected for decades and to accelerate their decline by demolish...     read more Thomas M. Ryan
New Orleans, Louisiana 
4/24/2012 I am strongly opposed to the demolition of the Sexton Cottages in Holt, Lafayette #1, and Lafayette #2. These structures are historical landmarks which should be restored and retained. This should cost less money than building new structures. The cem...     read more Name redacted at request of author
New Orleans, LA 
4/24/2012 I am in favor of keeping/restoring the iron rail fencing on mortar over brick along the Adams St. side from Cohn St. to the north and of matching this style of fencing to surround the two Carrollton cemetaries entirely and also replacing their cottag...     read more Ro Mayer
Carrollton Section, New Orleans, La. 
4/24/2012 As a Cemetery Tour Guide I have watched these buildings suffer demolition by neglect for two decades. All are at a point now in their destruction, that the mercyful thing to do is demolish them, eleminating the eyesower and creating a green space. At...     read more Kemper Sublette
Metairie, La. 
4/24/2012 As a Cemetery Tour Guide I have watched these buildings suffer demolition by neglect for two decades. All are at a point now in their destruction, that the mercyful thing to do is demolish them, eleminating the eyesower and creating a green space. At...     read more Kemper Sublette
Metairie, La. 
4/24/2012 These are New Orleans' cemetaries, the sacred grounds where New Orleanians are buried. New Orleans is the most diverse and culturally interesting city in America whose history, culture and traditions reveal themselves as stories told through our ceme...     read more Helena Henderson
New Orleans, LA 
4/24/2012 This comment is for the Carrollton Cemeteries only.
It's OK to change the cottage which is in bad shape.
You should include the treatment of sidewalks which should be larger, with benches, proper lighting, water fountains and a historical mar...     read more
Romain Cheynet
New Orleans 
4/24/2012 The extant sexton cottages of New Orleans' historic cemeteries are important for more than their architecture. Their most significant role is their contribution to the integrity of the cemetery as a whole, not merely the way one tomb out of many con...     read more Catherine Barrier
New Orleans, LA 
4/24/2012 Since Katrina New Orleans has lost many buildings and landmarks, i.e. Circle Gro.
St Roch Grocery so it is important that we save what ever we can for historical purposes. Please do not demolish these unique buildings. Thank you
Jean Manale
Metairie, La. 
4/24/2012 Please restore and preserve these cottages rather than destroy them. Our culture and history is what make us unique and it must be preserved! Name redacted at request of author
New Orleans, LA 
4/24/2012 I beseech the individuals who wish to see Louisiana grow to realize that without the foundation of the city - the reason to draw tourists and newcomers ceases. I want to go to Louisiana to smell, feel and experience the rich culture and unique histo...     read more David Yoakley Mitchell
Atlanta, Georgia 
4/24/2012 The Holt Cemetery is nearby my home. Many great musicians are buried in this historic cemetery including , Buddy Bolden, father of jazz and Jesse Hill. A number of friends are also buried here. The little cottage greets visitors and is an important p...     read more Susan Mahaffey
New Orleans, LA 
4/24/2012 Please continue your good work in our city, by not demolishing the little cottages in our cemeteries, but instead, saving using the funds to save them. Thanks. Name redacted at request of author
New Orleans 
4/24/2012 Once they are gone, we will never get them back. So there will be a hole where they were? So tour guides can talk about what they looked like? Are we going to Home Depot and buy some press board shed and put that up in place of these historically sig...     read more Scott Campbell
New Orleans, LA 
4/24/2012 We should just demolish everything, especially any jazz related buildings like those already demolished by the City of New Orleans. We should put more parking lots and T shirt shops in the French Quarter and try to look as much like Veterans Hwy., Ci...     read more Sylvia Schmidt
New Orleans, LA 
4/24/2012 To demolish these historic cottages is a complete disregard to the very premise of the 106 Review process. The buildings are part of our cultural heritage and history. FEMA's obligation to the people of the country they serve is to protect our herita...     read more Charlotte Bellan AIA
New Orleans 
4/24/2012 I would like to know why FEMA funding is needed to demolish the sexton cottages. Were they actually damaged by Hurricanes Katrina/Rita? I remember them being in disrepair before the storms, and they are certainly in bad shape now. If the city cannot ...     read more Name redacted at request of author
New Orleans, LA 
4/24/2012 We love FEMA! Thank you for all you have done! Could we keep our crazy little cottages, please? Thank you!
4/24/2012 Please do not take down these cottages. As a tour guide, I value their connection to the processes and history that are represent a critical element of our culture and history. Dave Thomas
New Orleans, La. 
4/24/2012 Please don't demolish the Sexton Cottages. They are a part of our unique history that should be preserved. We have had enough demolition of actually destroyed buildings -we shouldn't be taking down any that are actually savagable.
Thank You for...     read more
Amanda Talley
New Orleans, LA 
4/24/2012 Wouldn't it be easier, and probably even cheaper, to rehab such small buildings? These are NR-eligble and NR-listed buildings, and demolishing them wholesale would move towards eliminating an entire building type. New Orleans' cemeteries are part of ...     read more Lindsey Derrington
Saint Louis, Missouri 
4/24/2012 It would be a total travesty to lose these important buildings that are part of the fabric of the CemetariesIt they are located in. As a past president of the board of Save our Cemetaries it is especially troubling to me that this proposal is even b...     read more Rene' Fransen
New Orleans 
4/24/2012 These historic places should be restored, never demolished, the cemeteries where these cottages are located are keepers of WORLD HISTORY! Drew Moisant
New Orleans 
4/24/2012 Please do not destroy the Sexton Cottages. They should be preserved as part of the unique experience of these important cemeteries which are, infact, landmarks of the city of New Orleans. Diana Smith
New Orleans 
4/24/2012 Please come up with a solution for all of the cemetery cottages to fix them up and make use of them rather than tear them down.

If they must be torn down, please employ a demolition company that will salvage quality wood and architectural de...     read more
John M. Lemann
New Orleans, LA 
4/24/2012 With all the disgrace organizations and people have caused New Orleans and its people, now FEMA wants to destroy more history in the region? I would think the focus would be restoration not destruction. How many nails do we have to drive into the c...     read more Frank Sinibaldi
Stow, Ohio 
4/24/2012 These cemeteries are part of the history of this unique place. The Sexton cottages should be restored, not demolished. Name redacted at request of author
4/23/2012 Please do not harm the cemeteries - there is nothing worth disturbing the dead for.
I help conserve & repair gravestones - trust me, there are people who have family in these places - have you checked your family history to see?

Cemeteri...     read more
Catherine Anderson
Raleigh, NC 
4/23/2012 I am AGAINST the demolition of the cottages. Funding should be used for RESTORATION. Gretchen Zalkind
4/23/2012 Please use these funds to restore these cottages instead of demolishing them. Funereal architecture is very important in the history and culture of New Orleans. We would be happy to put you in touch with experts who can advise on restoration. Than...     read more Nathan Chapman
New Orleans, LA 
4/23/2012 The sexton cottages in the historic New Orleans cemeteries are the last architectural vestiges of a more personal funereal experience. The cottages are vital to preserve and keep maintained...they are important in the American architectural record (o...     read more Wendy Westfaul
Sherman Oaks, CA 
4/23/2012 The demolition of these historic structures does not respect the historic framework surrounding the cemeteries and would decrease the value of the property as a whole. It seems unnecessary and wasteful and should be halted. Name redacted at request of author
New Orleans, LA 
4/23/2012 Do not tear down the cottages in these cemeteries. They are part of the cemetery and its history. There is no reason to tear down historic buildings; they need to be fixed and maintained in perpetuity. Why do we have to go through this over and ov...     read more Name redacted at request of author
New Orleans, LA 
4/23/2012 The sexton cottages are important elements in these historic cemeteries: they mark the entrances and serve a function in that they provide storage and shelter for the sexton when he is on the premises. Adjacent to Lafayette No. 2 is a Catholic cemet...     read more Name redacted at request of author
New Orleans, LA 
4/23/2012 These cemeteries themselves are historical, and attract tourism in the city of New Orleans as much as any other attraction here. What does it say about us if we destroy something of such historical value? I was a student in the funeral service divis...     read more Bridgette siles
4/23/2012 Please do not destroy these resources. If at all possible, save at least some for future generations. Rose Matthews
Mosca, CO 
4/23/2012 Please use funding to Restore NOT destroy these historical structures Name redacted at request of author
Los Angeles, CA 
4/23/2012 I am opposed to the demolition of the cemetery cottages and the the destruction of our history. These cemeteries and the cottages are a valuable resource to our community and our culture. Angela O'Malley
New Orleans, LA 70118 
4/23/2012 The Foundation for Historical Louisiana, as a Consulting Party in this discussion, most strongly calls for the restoration of the Lafayette #1 and #2 and Holt cottages.
Carolyn Bennett
Baton Rouge, Louisiana  
4/23/2012 All of the sexton cottages, with the exception of the Carrollton sexton cottage, should be provided with funding to restore. NOT to demolish. Please stop destroying the architectural history of New Orleans with federal dollars. Name redacted at request of author
New Orleans, LA 
4/23/2012 Please do not demolish these sexton cottages; they are contributing elements to these historic cemeteries and the neighborhoods surrounding them. They are an integral part of each cemetery's story and should be preserved and treasured as such. Mary Hewes
New Orleans, LA 
4/23/2012 I am in opposition to demolishing these structures. They are a historical part of the cemeteries and the city. Celeste Newby
New Orleans, LA 
4/23/2012 I am opposed to the impending tearing down of the sexton's structures in the above mentioned cemeteries in New Orleans, LA as they are archaeologically and historically important to the city and citizens of New Orleans. Diane Masterson
Lafayette, LA 
4/23/2012 I am opposed to the demolition of the Sexton Cottages in 4 separate cemeteries. These are structures that are part of the history of New Orleans. They are part of the history of Louisiana. They are part of the history of the United States. Do a fundr...     read more Name redacted at request of author
Birmingham, Alabama 
4/23/2012 The Sexton Cottages in Holt, Lafayette #1, and Lafayette #2 are all contributing elements to the respective cemetery. Please reconsider the demolition of these Sexton Cottages. Anthony DelRosario
New Orleans 
4/23/2012 Do Not remove our history, repair the buildings. Name redacted at request of author
Metairie, LA 
4/23/2012 I understand that the city has proposed demolition of the sexton cottage at Holt Cemetery and others. These are small structures and it seems rehabilitation would not be time or cost prohibitive. These cottages are not only contributing elements with...     read more Name redacted at request of author
New Orleans, Louisiana 70119 
4/23/2012 The sexton's cottages in these burial places are important in understanding how our culture services the dead. These structures help us understand how burial grounds function in and for a given society LisaMary Wichowski
Portland, OR 
4/23/2012 Please be a part of helping New Orleans preserve it's cultural heritage and not of destroying it. The sexton cottages are contributing features of all four cemeteries and should be preserved. Name redacted at request of author
New Orleans, LA 
4/23/2012 Please, just give us a chance to take care of the problem before you demolish anything. We have lost a lot. Cordelia Cale
New Orleans. LA. 
4/23/2012 Haven't our historic structures been ravaged enough? Please let these sexton cottages at Holt, Lafayette #1, #2 and Carrollton #1 cemteries remain. Name redacted at request of author
New Orleans Louisians 
4/23/2012 please do not demolish any of the character that goes along with the cemeteries holt etc. it is our main purpose for coming down there sometimes. it adds to the character and charm of that lovely city Christina Cole
4/23/2012 Please do not demolish the Sexton cottages in NewOrleans historic cemeteries. They contribute to the character and sense of place in these places. FEMA should be helping to restore New Orleans not add to its destruction.
Name redacted at request of author
Ann Arbor, MI 
4/23/2012 This appears to be destruction for destruction's sake, which FEMA should not be engaging in. Renovation of the historic cottages however present an opportunity for youth and displaced workers to gain new skills and a new understanding of our region'...     read more Sally Stevens
New Ofrelans, LA 
4/23/2012 The three cottages in Holt, Lafayette No. 1 Cemetery,Lafayette No. 2 Cemetery, are contributing elements to the cemeteries and the surrounding neighborhood.

I find that each cottage retains the integrity of location, setting, feeling or asso...     read more
Name redacted at request of author
New York, Ny 
4/23/2012 Please do not destroy the history of our city's cemeteries. Please fund their restoration as a component of FEMA's recovery plan for the city of New Orleans. Jarrod Broussard
New Orleans, LA 
4/23/2012 Please do not destroy the Sexton Cottage at Carrollton Cemetery No. 1 in New Orleans. FEMA money is my money and I want this building restored to perfection, NOT DESTROYED. Our cemeteries and Sexton Cottages are precious to New Orleanians. Please ...     read more Mona Mcmahon
New orleans 
4/23/2012 Please preserve the fine heritage of New Orleans by preserving the Sexton Cottages. So much has already been lost following The Federal Floods of 2005 post Katrina. New Orleans is counting on FEMA to do the right thing. Thank you for your considerati...     read more JJ Houck Gatto
New Orleans, LA 
4/23/2012 Do not use Federal Tax dollars to destroy the Sexton Cottage at Layfayette No. 2 Cemetery at Washington Avenue at Loyola in New Orleans LA. This building should be preserved as an essential element of this historic cemetary. Do not demolish this pr...     read more Mona Mcmahon
New orleans 
4/23/2012 PLEASE, PLEASe do not destroy these precious parts of our cultural heritage. These cottages are part of the cemetery and part of our history. Please, please reconsider. Ray C
New Orleans, LA 
4/23/2012 Please restore the Sexton Cottage at Lafayette No. 1 cemetary in New Orleans. Do not destroy my historical heritage. It wouldn't take much to restore this lovely part of New Orleans history. Again, I oppose, in the strongest terms, the demolition ...     read more Mona Mcmahon
New orleans 
4/23/2012 Please do not destroy the Sexton Cottages. These properties are small and could easily be restored for less money than it would take to demolish them. Siobhan Edwards
New Orleans, Louisiana  
4/23/2012 The Holt Cemetery Sexton Cottage is a part of the historic heritage of New Orleans that has not been lost to flooding. It must be treasured and preserved. Do not destroy, demolish or otherwise harm this precious bit of New Orleans history. Mona McMahon
New Orleans LA  
4/23/2012 I am strongly opposed to the demolition of the Sexton Cottages in Holt, Lafayette #1, and Lafayette #2. These structures are small and could easily be restored and retained, for less money than building new. The City should restore them and come up w...     read more Erin Edwards
New Orleans, LA 
4/23/2012 New Orleans is celebrated for its cultural heritage, which includes its architecture and the unique way its landscape and collective history have intersected in its cemeteries. On their own, the city's cemeteries are historically significant, and th...     read more Marie Helena Chinappi
New Orleans, LA 
4/23/2012 I have personal knowledge of this building. From 1999 until Hurricane Katrina I was a leader of a volunteer project that cleaned up Holt Cemetery twice per month. We utilized the sexton cottage on site for doing paperwork, storing equipment (such as ...     read more Bari Landry Vaz
San Diego, CA 
4/23/2012 Please do not demolish the Sexton Cottages. Why destroy something so uniquely New Orleans? We simply can not continue to destroy our architectural and cultural heritage. As a New Orleans native and registered Louisiana architect, I feel compelled ...     read more Brian Cox
Houston, TX 
4/23/2012 Please do not go forward with this action. Our cemeteries are one of the things New Orleans is known for, and the Sexton cottages play a key role in their identity. Many thousands of tourists clamor for a glimpse of these mini-cities, and the cottage...     read more Eric Gremillion
New Orleans, LA 
4/23/2012 Katrina destroyed so much of New Orlean's original fabric. The historic property that remain should be saved at all cost! When you destroy part of the architectural elements of N.O. you are destroying educational and historic footprints of our ance...     read more Susan Moreau
Baton Rouge, LA 
4/23/2012 Please do not demolish the sexton cottages at the cemeteries. We are losing our history building by building. These are valued historical structures and should be restored and respected as such. I am strongly opposed to the plan to demolish them. Kathy Price-Robinson
New Orleans, LA 
4/20/2012 I am in strong opposition to the demolition of these historically significant structures, in fact, I think it should be a crime! This is our city's history - once destroyed, we can never get that back. Please reconsider - so much of our culture, tou...     read more Jodi Lafranca
New Orleans, LA 
4/19/2012 Why do we destroy our historic structures? In New Orleans, other than the port, tourism is the economic driver of this city. When we destroy our history we destroy what makes New Orleans one of the most unique cities in the US. An entire city block...     read more Nita Hemeter
New Orleans, Louisiana 
4/19/2012 There has been enough demolition in New Orleans. It is time to start actually re-vitalizing the historic structures of the City. Study after study in market after market has shown that historic structures only increase in value and increase the val...     read more Will Germain
New Orleans, LA 
4/19/2012 Please note that additional comments have been posted on the page for the Milne Sec. 106 page: http://www.crt.state.la.us/culturalassets/fema106/commentnotice.asp?NoticeID=160 Michelle Kimball
New Orleans, LA 
4/19/2012 These four sexton cottages should be preserved, not destroyed. They help tell the story of this city's history. Bart Everson
New Orleans, LA 
4/19/2012 While I am not opposed to the demolition of the structure in the Carrollton Cemetery, I am opposed to the unnecessary demolitions proposed for the other three sexton cottages.

In a city where unique, historic cemeteries play an outsize role ...     read more
B. Vogel
New York, New York 
4/13/2012 I strongly object to the request to demolish these historic cottages. They are a unique part of our rich New Orleans culture and should not be destroyed.

I also object to the crippling reduction of the staff of the HISTORIC DISTRICT LANDMARK...     read more
Virginia Burke