Elkhorn Plantation Mound
GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 31.622777 Longitude: -91.668013
Driving Directions:
— From US 84, head north on La 566. Go 0.9 mile to marker on right.
— From US 425/La 15, head west on La 566. Go 15.1 miles to marker on left.
Number of Mounds: 1 Number of Visible Mounds: 1
Summer Viewing: Excellent Winter Viewing: Excellent

Elkhorn is a well preserved and very visible platform mound built on a natural levee deposit of an old channel of the Mississippi River. It’s rectangular, 10 feet tall, and about 150 by 100 feet at the base; the platform is about 45 by 30 feet at its summit. Cores from the mound indicate it was built in two stages. The first stage included a possible hearth with carbon and burnt clay. Charcoal from the hearth was radiocarbon dated to AD 415–565 (late Marksville to early Coles Creek period). When the second stage was added is unclear, but pottery suggests that it may have been between AD 700 and 1200 (late Coles Creek period).