Using this guide
The state of Louisiana has placed historic markers at 39 Indian mound sites in northeast Louisiana that form the Mounds Trail. This on-line guide gives driving instructions to the markers and information about each of the sites. The sites are grouped geographically into four trails, as shown on the map to the left.

To get started, click on a trail route. You will see a larger map open on the right. Then, click on a dot or site name to open a new window with more information about the site.

Most of these sites are on private property, and are marked with red dots on the map. They are included in the trail through the goodwill of the current landowners. No trespassing is permitted. Please stay on the shoulder of the road.

Three sites are at state parks where you are welcome to walk among the mounds and learn more through interpretive displays. These sites are Poverty Point Earthworks, Marsden Mounds, and Marksville Mounds. They are marked with blue dots on the map.

For all sites, please treat the earthworks with reverence and respect. They represent more than 5,000 years of architecture by the Indian people and are part of the cultural patrimony of all Americans. Please help conserve these remarkable heritage resources.

Louisiana R.S. 41 §1605. Archaeological finds on state land
It shall be unlawful for any agency, political subdivision, group, or person to take, alter, damage, destroy, or excavate on state-owned lands as herein described without first obtaining a permit or contract from the secretary.

Louisiana R.S. 41 §1610. Prohibited excavations
No person, not being the owner thereof, shall without the consent of the owner enter or attempt to enter upon the lands of another and intentionally injure, disfigure, remove, excavate, damage, take, dig into, or destroy any sites or artifacts addressed by R.S. 41:1604(1).