McGuffee Mounds
GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 31.753027 Longitude: -91.829916
Driving Directions:
— From La 8 in Harrisonburg, head south on La 124. Go 1.0 mile to marker on left.
— From US 84 in Jonesville, head north on La 124. Go 8.7 miles to marker on right.
Number of Mounds: 7?, 1 embankment Number of Visible Mounds: 3, 1 embankment
Summer Viewing: Good, but distant Winter Viewing: Good 

Although it’s distant from the marker, McGuffee Mounds is one of the most spectacular sites on the Mounds Trail. McGuffee has at least six, probably seven, mounds on the west bank of the Ouachita River, as well as the longest intact earthen embankment of any site on the Trail. The largest mound (Md. A), with a house and trees, is 13 feet tall and about 810 by 210 feet; until the 1950s, a smaller mound stood at its center, reminiscent of the “Great Mound” at Troyville. Two dome-shaped 13-foot-tall mounds (Md. D and Md. F) lie farther east. Confederate artillery was placed on one of them during the Civil War. Another much smaller mound (Md. E) is between them. Two other mounds (Md. B and Md. C) to the north (not visible from the marker) are about 6 feet tall, one reduced by plowing. The possible 7th mound is between Mds. A and F. An embankment runs in a northwest arc from the Ouachita River into Md. A, and then continues northeast back to the river. A causeway (not visible from the marker) extends 120 feet due east from Md. A. Charcoal dates the site from 100 BC to AD 700 (Marksville/Troyville periods).