Peck Mounds
GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 31.825272 Longitude: -91.651125
Driving Directions:
— From US 425/La 15 in Sicily Island, head west on La 8. Go 0.4 mile to La 1017/Eleventh Street; turn left. Go 1.6 miles to markers on left.
— From La 913, head east on La 8. Go 3.4 miles to La 1017; turn right. Go 1.6 miles to markers on left.
Number of Mounds: 4 Number of Visible Mounds: 4
Summer Viewing: Good Winter Viewing: Excellent

Peck Mounds was a five-mound complex on the edge of Maçon Ridge overlooking Lake Louis, in the Ferry Place National Register District; one mound is no longer visible. The largest mound (Md. E) is an 18-foot tall platform mound, 165 by 180 feet at the base and about 65 by 55 feet at the summit; its flank is visible south of the marker. The three other remaining mounds are dome-shaped, averaging 4 feet tall and about 100 to 130 feet in diameter. About 150 feet north of the marker, in front of the old Peck homeplace, is one of the smaller mounds (Md. C); two others (Mds. A and B) are on either side of the modern brick house north of the marker, and one of these dome-shaped mounds (Md. A) is also the family cemetery. Each of the smaller mounds was built in a single stage on top of refuse heaps. Charcoal from under Md. C dates to AD 650–860 (late Troyville/early Coles Creek periods). Nearby is the Peck Village site, where archaeologist James A. Ford conducted a landmark study in 1933. Based on prehistoric pottery from that site, he established a chronology still used today.