Flowery Mound
GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 31.940805 Longitude: -91.271277
Driving Directions:
— From US 65, head east on La 128 (slightly north of where La 128 going west intersects US 65). Go 0.6 mile to marker on left.
Number of Mounds: 1 Number of Visible Mounds: 1
Summer Viewing: Good Winter Viewing: Good 

Flowery Mound is a small but very well preserved platform mound on Andrews Bayou, an old channel of the Mississippi River. It’s about 10 feet tall, 165 by 130 feet at its base, and about 50 by 50 feet at the summit. Two cores retrieved from the mound show it was built in a single stage. Clear boundaries between the different colors of dirt used to build the mound are easy to distinguish, indicating that the mound is relatively young and that little “weathering” (soil boundaries becoming more diffuse over time) has occurred. The mound was built on a midden (refuse deposited during previous occupancy), which contained much charcoal; the charcoal dates to AD 996–1162. That, along with decorated pottery found nearby as well as the unweathered mound fill, suggests the site was occupied AD 1200–1541 (Mississippi/Plaquemine period).