Ghost Site Mounds
GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 32.092916 Longitude: -91.450472
Driving Directions:
— From La 128, head east on La 4. Go 0.4 mile to marker on right.
— From La 575, head west on La 4. Go 12.1 miles to marker on left.
Number of Mounds: 3-5 Number of Visible Mounds: 1–2
Summer Viewing: Poor Winter Viewing: Fair

The Ghost Site consists of three (possibly five) mounds along a bayou that flows into the Tensas River. The largest mound (Md. A) is about 11 feet tall and 118 by 92 feet at the base. It’s a platform mound that was used for a historic cemetery. A portion was removed in 1990 to build a dam across the bayou. Since then, considerable erosion has expanded the exposed face. Small dome-shaped mounds (Md. B, Md. C), less than 2 feet tall and about 60 by 90 feet at the base, make up the rest of the site. Part of Md. B was also removed for dam fill, while Md. C is intact. It’s not known whether two other rises (D and E) are mounds. Limited testing found ceramics, bone, shell, and charcoal underneath two of the mounds (Md. A, Md. B); based on decorative style, that pottery probably dates to AD 700–1200 (early to middle Coles Creek). Pottery dating to AD 1200 to 1541 (late Coles Creek to Plaquemine) was found in three of the mounds.