Landerneau Mounds
GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 32.273166 Longitude: -91.993833
Driving Directions:
— From La 847, head north on La 133. Go 5.6 miles to marker on left.
— From La 15, head south on La 133. Go 9.8 miles to marker on right.
Number of Mounds: 2 Number of Visible Mounds: 2
Summer Viewing: Excellent Winter Viewing: Excellent

This site is an excellent example of a small Troyville hamlet/village. Landerneau has two dome-shaped mounds and an associated village midden (accumulated debris), and is about 300 feet west of the Boeuf River. Each mound was built in a single stage. The taller one (Md. A), about 4 feet high and 130 feet in diameter, serves as a historic cemetery. The other mound (Md. B) is 3 feet tall and about 135 feet in diameter. The modern 2-story house on it was built on the site of the original homeplace of the Landerneau family. Highway construction exposed the midden on the east side of the site. A 1998 excavation found pottery, bone, and shell there, and showed that fish was the main food source. Radiocarbon dating of charcoal from the site gives an age of AD 530–590 (Troyville period). Because it’s a “single component site” (only one culture lived there), it was easier for archaeologists to accurately determine the food and artifacts the Troyville people used.