Shackleford Church Mounds
GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 32.151722 Longitude: -91.300972
Driving Directions:
— From La 4, head north on La 575. Go 6.6 miles to marker on left.
— From US 65, head west on La 575. Go 6.2 miles to marker on right.
Number of Mounds: 4 Number of Visible Mounds: 2
Summer Viewing: Fair Winter Viewing: Good 

Shackleford contains four mounds and a village midden (refuse site) near where Cypress Bayou flows into Shackleford Lake. Two mounds (Mds. A and D?) and the midden are on the edge of the bayou, another (Md. B) is on the bluff about 20 feet above the lake, and the fourth (Md. C) is about 400 feet west of Mound A. Although a 1935 sketch map illustrated two mounds connected by a causeway, no evidence of a causeway exists today. The largest mound (Md. A) is about 13 feet high, almost 145 by 130 feet at the base, and 45 feet square at the summit. Testing identified seven building stages atop a prepared sand base. The second largest (Md. B, not visible) is 4 feet tall and 225 by 75 feet at the base. The other mounds are small and hard to see. Four radiocarbon samples date the site to about AD 800 (Coles Creek period).