Sundown Mounds
GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 31.93468 Longitude: -91.4193
Driving Directions:
— From La 128, head south on La 573. Go 3.8 miles to La 892; continue straight on La 892. Go 1.2 miles to La 3252 (not on state map); turn right. Go 2.2 miles to marker on right.
Number of Mounds: 4? Number of Visible Mounds: 2
Summer Viewing: Fair Winter Viewing: Good 

Sundown may be the oldest Coles Creek mound group on the Mounds Trail. Its three confirmed mounds form a triangle on the west side of Little Choctaw Bayou. The largest, closest to and visible from the marker, is a platform mound (Md. A) 11 feet high; its base measures about 190 by 180 feet, with a summit platform 60 feet square. A second large platform mound (Md. B) is about 400 feet to the northwest; it’s 8 feet tall, and measures 130 by 100 feet at its base, with its platform about 65 by 33 feet. The third mound, behind the largest, is a 7-foot tall, dome-shaped mound about 100 by 80 feet at the base. About 150 feet north of the largest mound is what may be either a mound or a village midden (refuse pile). The site was occupied before and during mound building, and dates to AD 700–1200 (Coles Creek period).