Wade Landing Mound
GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 32.075638 Longitude: -92.019861
Driving Directions:
— From La 4, head south on La 559. Go 0.1 mile to marker on right.
— From the Duty/Enterprise Ferry crossing, head north on La 559. Go 13.4 miles to marker on left.
Number of Mounds: 1 Number of Visible Mounds: 1
Summer Viewing: Excellent Winter Viewing: Excellent

Wade Landing is perhaps one of the most picturesque sites on the Mounds Trail, in its setting with a white mansion, pecan grove, and levee. It’s a 9-foot-tall rectangular platform mound that measures about 130 by 165 feet at its base. A historic cemetery has helped prevent looting. Archaeologists cored the mound and found that it was built in two stages; coring also recovered a thin layer of plant fiber on the surface of the first stage, but it was not radiocarbon dated. Local folklore says a second smaller mound was destroyed or covered by construction of a levee southwest of the mound, but that has not been verified. The age of the mound is not known, although analysis of the soil core suggests that it was probably built AD 700–1200, during the Coles Creek period. A few ceramic artifacts found near the mound support this interpretation.