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     You can learn more about the Tchefuncte site by exploring the items below. Have more questions about the site? Be sure to visit the Top Site FAQs section!

The Tchefuncte site is in Fontainebleau State Park, but the site is in an area that is not

     accessible to the public. You are welcome to visit the park to learn more about the

     fascinating environmental setting of the site. Click HERE to learn more.


●  Hays, Christopher T., and Richard A. Weinstein. "Tchefuncte and the Early

     Woodland."  In Archaeology of Louisiana, edited by Mark Rees. Baton Rouge: LSU Press,


The Tchefuncte site is in a remote area and currently is covered in dense vegetation. The image below is of the area surrounding Midden A. Credit: George Castille.

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