places. That pattern supports the idea the midden had three residential areas. The notes do not record any remains of houses, like postholes, but it is likely that many small houses once stood at the site.


     Artifacts used to produce red and yellow pigments had a similar pattern. These items, like grinding tools and pieces of hematite (for red) and limonite (for yellow), were concentrated near the living locations, as well as in one other area.

     At least 34 human burials were in Midden A. All of them were in pits and none had objects buried with them. Most burials were in the western part of the site away from the living areas. Interestingly, they were placed across a broad area and were not grouped in a cemetery.


     At Midden A, pieces of pottery clustered in three areas. These were probably living areas where people used and broke pots. Bone tools were in the same

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