Sunset Report

Strategic Plan
2016-17 through 2021-22


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Division of Historic Preservation

Historic buildings play a special role in creating the distinctive character of each and every community. Their essential legacy of cultural, educational, recreational, aesthetic, social, and environmental benefits must be preserved for present and future generations. The Louisiana Division of Historic Preservation's professionally trained staff works in the public's interest to preserve and restore these buildings so they can enhance and enrich our environment and, thus, our lives.

Historic preservation does more than just communicate the past. By saving an important part of our heritage, the Division of Historic Preservation energizes Louisiana's cultural economy. We help local craftsmen, artists, and lovers of history find places to live, work, and play. Although we strive to preserve the best examples of our state's architecture, we also focus upon buildings representing the forces that shaped Louisiana's history and culture. Thus, we help the tourism industry provide destinations for out-of-state visitors who wish to enjoy the unique Louisiana experience. To make these things happen, we actively assist property owners to apply for National Register status and qualify for the federal and state tax incentives that often make the restoration of historic buildings possible. We also devise strategies to rejuvenate downtown commercial districts through our Main Street program.

Physical AddressOffice of Historic Preservation
Capitol Annex Building
1051 North Third Street
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70802
Mailing AddressP.O. Box 44247
Baton Rouge LA 70804
Phone:(225) 342-8160
Fax:(225) 219-9772



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HP Selfie Office of Cultural Development, Division of Historic Preservation Staff

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The National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 (NHPA) turns 50 in 2016. 

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2016-17 Historic Preservation Fund Grants  
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Louisiana's Historic Bridges  

Learn about the Louisiana Department of Transportation's HISTORIC BRIDGES inventory! 

Are you interested in acquiring a Historic Bridge from the LA DOTD?  

 BridgeHistoric Bridges are treasures that speak to Louisiana's rich architectural heritage. When bridge replacement is determined necessary by DOTD, they will often market the bridge (if movable) to allow for an alternate use of the structure. Learn more about this process by clicking on the photo- historic bridge in Caldwell Parish.