Marksville’s story did not end in prehistory. The site also played a role in modern U.S. history. The city of Marksville bought the site in 1933 and invited the Smithsonian Institution to come investigate it. The Smithsonian sent Frank Setzler to serve as lead archaeologist for this project, along with his assistant, James Ford.


     This was during the Great Depression, and many people were eager for a paycheck. Crews of local people dug under professional supervision at this site in 1933 and 1939. This was the first large-scale excavation funded by the Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA). In many ways, it served as a test case for future federally funded digs around the country during the Depression.


     Now it is your turn to experience Marksville for yourself. Click on the features of the map to learn more about the site and the people who built it.

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