Outer Circle


     The Outer Circle lies just south of Marksville's embankment. The circle is barely noticeable today. Most of it stands only an inch or two above the surface. Its shape is easier to see below the ground, where it shows up as a dark stain in the soil. Originally, the circle may have stood up to 2 feet tall with walls that were 20 feet wide. It measures about 320 feet in diameter, and it is surrounded by a ditch.


     Archaeologists think a small causeway, or raised path, may have connected the circle to Marksville's plaza. This path would have been almost due north of the center of the circle. Archaeologists have excavated in this area, from just inside the Outer Circle to just inside the site's enclosure. They found only a handful of artifacts. To date, researchers do not know how or why the Outer Circle was used.


Artist's interpretation of the Outer Circle at Marksville.


Aerial view of Marksville.

(Above) Black and white photo of the site.

(Below) Detail from painting of the site by Martin Pate.

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