Mounds 3 and 5


     Looking at Mounds 3 and 5, it is clear that the people who built the site had a plan in mind. The two mounds are in a direct north-south line. Mound 5 lies east of Mound 4 while Mound 3 lies west of Mound 2. Each mound is low and dome shaped, over 65 feet in diameter and roughly 3 feet high. These two mounds are unique at the site because each is built entirely of white-colored earth.


     Civilian crews dug at Mound 5 during the 1933 project. They cut one trench through the mound, which people can still see today. A large depression is also visible in the center of Mound 3. It is the result of an excavation in 1926. This dig found no artifacts in the mound.

Mounds 3 (below) and 5 (above)


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