Mound 2


     Development and farming have damaged Mound 2 over time. In spite of this damage, the mound is still visible. Today, it stands 13 feet tall and is 295 by 263 feet wide at its base. As part of the site plan, a line between this mound and Mound 6 forms a line parallel to the bluff’s edge. Builders made the mound out of earth found near the site, including at least one layer of black clay dug from the nearby river bank. This mound also has an odd shape whose meaning and purpose is unclear.

     People may have used Mound 2 for important rituals. Near the mound are the remains of a rectangular structure with a sunken floor. Dug into this floor was a large rectangular pit filled with charcoal from one or more large fires. Very few artifacts were found in the structure leaving few clues to the activities that took place in and around it. Artifacts and features are scarce on the west and south sides of the mound, while artifacts and features are common between the mound and the bluff edge.


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