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2012 Archived HR Memos
DateTitleHR No..PDF
December 14, 2012Policy Revisions2012-035changeme
  • PPM #11 - Substance Abuse and Drug-Free Workplace
2012-035a attachmentchangeme
  • PPM #17 - Vehicle Operation
2012-035b attachmentchangeme
December 11, 201248-hour Drug Testing Period for Pre-Employment2012-034changeme
November 29, 2012Ethics Reminder2012-033changeme
November 13, 2012Revised PPM #35 - Special Entrance Rates Policy2012-032changeme
  • PPM#35 - Special Entrance Rates (SERs)
2012-032a attachmentchangeme
November 5, 2012PES Training Reminder2012-031changeme
November 5, 2012W-2 Online Self View and Print Option2012-030changeme
  • Online W-2 Enrollment Instructions
2012-030a attachmentchangeme
November 2, 2012Holidays2012-029changeme
October 9, 2012Updated HR Forms2012-028changeme
  • Conditional Offer of Employment
2012-028a attachmentMicrosoft Word Document
  • Personnel Authorization Form (301)
2012-028b attachmentMicrosoft Word Document
  • Performance Adjustment Consideration Form
2012-028c attachmentMicrosoft Word Document
  • Work Schedule Form
2012-028d attachmentMicrosoft Word Document
  • Permanent Status Consideration Form
2012-028e attachmentMicrosoft Word Document
  • Request to Fill (RTF) Form
2012-028f attachmentMicrosoft Word Document
September 14, 2012General Circular No. 2012-024, Reminder of Prohibited Political Activities2012-027changeme
2012-027a attachmentMicrosoft Word Document
September 12, 2012Electronic Submission for E-Verify Documentation2012-026changeme
  • Instructions for Scanning to E-Verify Documentation
2012-026a attachmentMicrosoft Word Document
September 5, 2012Student Status Update2012-025changeme
  • Application for Student Employment (SF-10D)
2012-025a attachmentMicrosoft Word Document
August 9, 2012Job Offers Above Range Minimum2012-024changeme
July 30, 2012Policy Changes - PPM #33 Hiring Above the Minimum & PPM #43 Pay for Employees Appointed at Range Minimum2012-023changeme
July 26, 2012Rescission of OLG/DCRT’s Internal Travel Policy2012-022changeme
July 12, 2012HR Contact Information2012-021changeme
July 9, 2012Revised PPM #35 – Special Entrance Rates Policy2012-020changeme
  • PPM 35 - Special Entrance Rates Policy
2012-020a attachmentPDF
June 27, 2012Sample PES Plans2012-019changeme
  • PES Planning for Supervisory EE
2012-019a attachmentAdobe PDF
  • PES Planning for Non-Supervisor EE
2012-019b attachmentAdobe PDF
June 13, 2012OGB Health Insurance Rate Decrease2012-018changeme
  • OGB Official Schedule of Premium Rates
2012-018a attachmentAdobe PDF
June 7, 2012Performance Evaluation System (PES) Policy, Forms and Training2012-014changeme
  • PPM 10 - Performance System Policy
2012-014a attachmentAdobe PDF
May 17, 2012Nominate Deserving Employees for the 2012 Dunbar Awards2012-014changeme
  • Dunbar Memorandum 2012
2012-014a attachmentAdobe PDF
  • Dunbar Nomination Form
2012-014b attachmentMicrosoft Word Document
May 9, 2012Revised Conditional Offer of Employment2012-013changeme
  • Conditional Offer of Employment
2012-013a attachmentMicrosoft Word Document
April 23, 2012Mandatory Ethics Training2012-012changeme
March 26, 2012Performance Evaluation Systems (PES)2012-010changeme
March 7, 2012New Hire Orientation - Procedural Change2012-008changeme
February 2, 2012PPM #16 - Optional Pay Adjustments Policy2012-007changeme
February 2, 2012PPM #42 - Attendance and Leave Policy2012-006changeme
  • PPM #42 - Attendance and Leave Policy - Revised
2011-006a attachmentchangeme
  • Attendance and Leave Policy Acknowledgment
2011-006b attachmentchangeme
February 1, 2012Retirement Legislation2012-005changeme
February 1, 2012Tax Rates for Calendar Year 20122012-004changeme
January 4, 20122011 United Way Final Report2012-002changeme
January 3, 2012PPM #41 – Employee Transactions with Vendors and Contractors Policy2012-001changeme
  • PPM #41 – Employee Transactions with Vendors and Contractors Policy
2012-001a attachmentchangeme