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Mission Statement

The mission of the Division of Archaeology is to promote Louisiana’s cultural history through the protection of archaeological sites and preservation of material culture.  The division is responsible for coordinating and implementing state and federal guidelines for the investigation and preservation of prehistoric and historic site on land and underwater.  Our services include: issuing permits for archaeological investigations, long-term curation of artifacts, providing educational materials to schools throughout the state, outreach and interpretation of the state's cultural material and history, the use of a state-wide GIS Cultural Resource Map, and providing guidance with required site forms and Section 106 inquiries.


The National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA)   gives the Louisiana Office of Cultural Development the role of the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO).  Two offices make up Louisiana's SHPO, the Division of Archaeology and the Division of Historic Preservation.  In Louisiana, the Assistant Secretary of the Office of Cultural Development serves as the State Historic Preservation Officer. 

See the 2022 Year in Review and the 2017-2025 Strategic Plan for current information about Louisiana's State Historic Preservation Office. 

Read about the Louisiana State Historic Preservation Office's 50th anniversary in the Preservation in Print article "Supporting Louisiana's Historic and Cultural Treasures for 50 Years"   from November 2021.


LA SHPO 50th Anniversary

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