For each of the OLG/DCRT Policy and Procedure Memorandums (PPM's) listed below, there may be several associated documents that provide:

  1. The full text of the policy;
  2. Addition information, clarification or implementation guidelines; and/or
  3. Appropriate forms.

In addition to reviewing and acknowledging CRT policies, new employees are required to print, complete, and submit a new hire packet on or before their first day of employment.

1. Full-time employees

2. Part-time employees

1Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)- 
2Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)- 
  • Form: Medical Inquiry Form
  • Form: Request for Accommodation Form
3Violence-Free Workplace- 
4Sexual Harassment- 
  • Form: Sexual Harassment Acknowledgment Form
5Workplace Harassment / Discrimination- 
7Computer Usage- 
8Ethics and Dual Employment- 
9Outside Employment- 
10Performance Evaluation System (PES)- 
11Substance Abuse and Drug-Free Workplace- 
  • Form: Notification of Drug Testing Period
  • Form: Parental Consent for Employee Drug Testing (Minor) revised 12/2019
  • Info: Approved Drug Testing Sites in Louisiana
12Voluntary Demotions- 
13Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)- 
  • Form: Employee FMLA Certificate of Health Care Provider
  • Form: Family FMLA Certificate of Health Care Provider
  • Form: FMLA Fitness for Duty Certification
  • Form: FMLA Certificate for Serious Injury/Illness of Covered Service member for Military Family Leave
  • Form: FMLA Certificate for Qualifying Exigency for Military Family Leave
  • Form: FMLA Certificate for Caregiver Leave of a Veteran
  • Info: Employee Rights and Responsibilities under FMLA
14Transitional Return to Work Plan- 
15Position Description and Classification- 
16Optional Pay Adjustments- 
17Vehicle Operation- 
  • Form: Non-State Employee Rider Indemnification Agreement
18Employee Grievances- 
  • Form: Employee Grievances Form
19Work Hours and Work Schedules- 
  • Form: Work Schedule Form
20Unscheduled Absenteeism- 
  • Form: Unscheduled Absentee Policy Violation Notice To Employee
21Building and Office Inspections- 
22Volunteer Services- 
  • Form: Group Volunteer Registration Form
  • Form: Individual Volunteer Registration and Waiver Form
23Conditional Offer of Employment- 
24Job Safety Analysis (JSA)- 
  • Form: Job Safety Analysis Form
  • Info: Job Safety Analysis Example
25Certification of Compliance of Personnel Actions- 
26Employee Interaction with Prison Inmates- 
27Cellular Phones and Smart Phones- 
28Direct Deposit- 
29Crisis Leave Pool- 
  • Form: Crisis Leave Request Form
  • Form: Crisis Leave Donor Application
30Recoupment of Overpayments- 
31On-Call Pay- 
32Probationary Period and Permanent Status- 
  • Form: Job Offers to Permanent Status Employees Statement of Acceptance
  • Form: Permanent Status Consideration Form
33Hiring Above the Minimum (6.5g)- 
34Rewards and Recognition- 
35Special Entrance Rates (SERs)- 
36Supplemental Benefits Solicitation- 
37Educational Leave and Tuition Reimbursement- 
38Payroll and the LaGov HCM System Repealed- 
39Accident/Incident Investigations- 
40Bonds and Crime Loss Control- 
41Employee Transactions with Vendors and Contractors- 
42Attendance and Leave Policy- 
  • Form: Attendance and Leave Policy Acknowledgment
43Pay for Employees Appointed at Range Minimum Repealed- 
44Attainment of Advanced Degree- 
45Ebola Virus Disease Repealed- 
46Classified WAE Appointments- 
47Premium Pay Policy- 
48Criminal Background Checks- 
  • Form: Authorization for Criminal Background Check Form
49Employee Conduct- 
50Student Appointments- 
52Bloodborne Pathogens Program- 
53Mi-Fi Approval and Appropriate Use- 
54Disciplinary Corrective Actions and Seperation- 
55Dress Code- 
56Telework Policy- 
57Training Policy and Requirement- 
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