Site forms are the basic document of record for archaeological sites throughout Louisiana. In general, archaeological sites are defined as a collection of at least five artifacts and/or a feature 50 or more years old.

The Division has three different types of forms: Site Record, Site Update, and Supplemental. Site Record Forms should be used to record a newly discovered archaeological site. Site Update Forms and Supplemental Forms are used to update previously recorded sites. However, the Site Update Form should be used when the recorder has actually stepped foot on the site, regardless of investigation methods. Supplemental Forms may be used for adding additional information to the Site Files such as landowner changes, recently received radiocarbon dates, analysis of a private collection, etc.

Upon completion of a field project, the draft site forms (for both newly reported and previously reported sites) are submitted to the Division. The Division will issue site numbers for all new sites within 5 days. Batches of 20 or more site forms may take longer to receive site numbers. The state site numbers are required for the discussion of all sites within a project area in management summaries, draft reports and final reports. Written comments on the draft site forms will be provided within 30 days of submission. Revised forms should be submitted within 30 days of receiving comments from our office. If the archaeologist/company does not return revised site forms to the Division by the specified time limit, the Division may not assign any new site numbers to that company.

Please contact to learn more about archaeological sites, site forms, the site form process, and to get blank forms and instructions on completing them.

The Division of Archaeology made modifications to the existing site forms and LACAD and posted links to the new files on April 4, 2014. Additionally, modifications to the checklist were made and posted May 23, 2014. If you are using site form templates or LACADS downloaded prior to April 4, or a checklist downloaded prior to May 30, please begin to use those hyperlinked below.

The Checklist has two parts: a Required section and a Requested section. Those things listed on the Required section must be filled out in order for our office to assign a site number to the form.  As of June 1, 2014, all new sites and new updates submitted to our office must be on the new forms. We will not accept previous versions of the site form. However, revisions to forms submitted prior to the deadline will be accepted on the previous site form version.

Site Forms:

Site Record Formword_icon.png

Site Record Update Formword_icon.png

LACAD (required for both new forms and updates): Wordword_icon.png or PDFpdf_icon.png

Supplemental Site Formword_icon.png


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