Legislative Acts
Ressource Linguistique/Language Resourses

Legislative Acts

Chapter 13 of Title 25:
RS 25:651: CODOFIL: Creation; domicile; purposes
RS 25:652: CODOFIL: Membership; appointment; terms; vacancies; compensation
RS 25:653: CODOFIL: Duties, powers, and functions
RS 25:654: CODOFIL: Donations and grants
RS 25:655: CODOFIL: Annual report

Senate Bill 800: Amendment: Act No. 679 Regular Session, 2010: 

House Bill 424: Louisiana French Language Services Act: Act 106, Regular Session 2011

Senate Bill 104: Quality French Immersion Act, Act No. 212, Regular Session 2011

House Bill 579: Official Working Language Act: Act No. 202, Regular Session 2012

Ressources Linguistique/Language Resources

Programation Française/French Programming

French Language Children’s Programming on Louisiana Public Broadcasting.


Alliance Francaise: New Orleans, Lafayette.  Local French language learning programs.

Université de Moncton: Online and immersion programs in New Brunswick, with the possibility of a tourism focus (new).

Collège de Jonquière, Centre Linguistique: On-line courses and French immersion in Jonquiere, Canada.

Université Sainte-Anne: French immersion in Nova Scotia.

University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Louisiana State University, Department of French Studies.

Tulane University, Department of French and Italian.

Centenary College of Louisiana, Foreign Language Department, French Language Program.

Louisiana Tech, School of Literature and Languages, French Program.

University of Louisiana at Monroe, French Program.

Louisiana French

Center for Louisiana Studies, University of Louisiana, Lafayette: Accessing the archives.  Extensive audio archives of Louisiana French.

Louisiana State University Cajun French pages.

University of Louisiana at Lafayette Continuing Education: Beginning/Intermediate Cajun French.

Louisiana Digital Media Archive: Louisiana French Content.

Cajun French Virtual Table Française (Facebook)


The Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition (CARLA) is one of the U.S. Department of Education's Title VI National Language Resource Centers, whose role is to improve the nation's capacity to teach and learn foreign languages effectively. (Research)

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