This handbook is not the product of one author, but rather a summary of experiences shaped by many as the Percent For Art Program was developed in New Orleans. Naming everyone involved would be impossible, yet there are several who stand out. Marion McCollam was executive director of the Arts Council of New Orleans and guided that agency’s entrance into the field; there were various early landmines but her planning skills and diplomacy shaped the program and paved the way for later progress. Lee Morais, who came to the agency’s public art program soon after I did, was mentor, guide, and compass through many courses, charted and otherwise; whatever successes we had in that program are directly attributable to his talent as an artist, his skill as an educator, and his experience as a director. The late Barbara Lemann, an early community supporter of public art, gave unselfishly of her time, wisdom, and good sense; every community should be so blessed, and ours is certainly diminished by her passing.

Public art veterans Jerry Allen, Jack Mackie, and Claire Wickersham gave constant support and perceptive guidance with patience and good humor. We learned a lot from them, and their generosity inspires this initiative. And there are countless others – advisory committee members, jurors, artists, technical advisors, arts administrators, agency heads, public servants, community leaders, elected officials, colleagues, friends, and spouses -- who attended meetings, gave wise council, cheered our successes and shared our defeats.

Finally, members of the Public Art Coalition are acknowledged for their interest in this project, their dedication to their professions, and their hard work in the field. Particular thanks are due to James Borders and Ann Russo, Louisiana Division of the Arts, who have encouraged public art in Louisiana through its formative years. Coalition members who have been involved in this handbook project include Pam Breaux (Lake Charles), Mary Len Costa (New Orleans), Jan Fowler (Alexandria), Kelly McDade (Shreveport), Don Marshall (Hammond), Kathy McCallister (Bossier City) and Kitty Pheney (Baton Rouge). This work has profited from their suggestions and advice.