Miscellaneous Printed Material

Just about any public art program will have printed material for public distribution and most are happy to send it to you. Within Louisiana, check out what is available from Shreveport Regional Arts Council and the Arts Council of New Orleans. Shreveport has a brochure that details its master planning process (The City and the Arts: Making Connections) and postcards that document its Artworks project, in which high school students worked under the direction of professional artists on art for public transit. The Arts Council of New Orleans has published several publications since its program started. Two early brochures are now out of print and out of date, but currently they have a public art site map that facilitates a self-guided tour of public art in the community. They have also routinely publicized their projects with postcards that may be available. Check both programs for newspaper clippings of projects and press coverage as well.

These publications and resources, together with other printed material on public art, are available through the Louisiana Division of the Arts office in Baton Rouge.